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About the Archive :: Our Concept

The survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust are diminishing in number. Each year their recollections become more important, but each year moves them farther away from the original experience. This gives special urgency to the effort to collect as many testimonies as possible - now.

There already exist substantial collections of written or audiotaped testimony. The television image, however, using an open-ended, free-flowing interviewing process, discloses expressive details about the day-to-day experience of the survivors with a force that can hardly be exaggerated.

These personal testimonies are crucial documents for the education of students and community groups in an increasingly media-centered era. Each tape is made under the supervision of a professional and supportive team. Cataloged and cross-referenced, the tapes are an important addition to the oral and written history of the period. The Archive stands as a living memorial to counteract forgetfulness, ignorance and malicious denial.