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Laurel Vlock

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Laurel Fox Vlock grew up in New Haven, Connecticut. A family trip to Europe in the summer of 1937 exposed her to the beauty and culture of Germany as well as to German antisemitism. As a television journalist she produced many interviews for channel 8 in New Haven including a documentary about the Yom Hashoah observance in 1978. Realizing the power of survivor testimony, Laurel Vlock initiated a meeting with Dr. Dori Laub, a child survivor and psychiatrist. It resulted in a taping session in Dr. Laub’s office that marked the beginning of the Holocaust Survivors Film Project. Mrs. Vlock was killed in an automobile accident in July 2000. She actively sponsored the project and taped for it and continued her support when it came to Yale. She participated in 167 taping sessions and produced several edited programs based on the testimonies including the Emmy award winning, “Forever Yesterday.”