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Catalog & Research Guide :: Tutorials

Conducting keyword searches : A keyword search will retrieve any catalog record that contains the specified search terms. This form of searching is particularly powerful because you can combine several keywords in a single search.

Using Boolean operators : You can use Boolean operators, such as and, or and not, to broaden or narrow your keyword search.

Truncated keyword searches : One technique for broadening a search is to "truncate" keywords using the "?" symbol. For instance the truncated keyword "Medic?" would return records containing the words "medic", "medical", or "medicine" in any bibliographic record.

Applying limits : The Video Archive has testimonies in over a dozen languages. The default language is English, so unless you see a note in the complete bibliographic record, the language is English. You can limit searches to testimonies recorded in a particular language.

Conducting an advanced search : Keyword searches parse catalog records for a specified search term located anywhere in the catalog record - in other words, keyword searches cast a large net, which can result in false search hits. An "advanced search," on the other hand, allows you to assert better control over your search results.

The complete script of the above tutorials is located here.