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View Edited Programs: Loans

The Archive's series of edited programs -- thematically organized, single-witness, and the two programs listed below-- are available for loan to schools and community groups as DVD or VHS. These programs are based upon the Archive's collection of testimonies. They offer students personal perspectives on the events of the Holocaust, transforming history from an abstract event into a concrete experience. We are hopeful that the programs will stimulate further discussion and exploration. All loans are subject to the terms of the Archive's loan agreement. The standard handling charge for loans is $30.00. Please contact us to arrange a loan, or to discuss the appropriateness of a particular program for your classroom.

8074 The Secondary Witness: An interview with Terrence Des Pres

A scholar of the Holocaust describes the origins of his interest in the subject and his work studying and teaching Holocaust literature. He particularly focuses upon his book about survivors. Most suitable for college literature courses. 31 minutes.

8080 Remembering Czestochowa, Poland

Seven survivors from Czestochowa, Poland describe their lives before the war, German invasion, ghettoization, mass killings, deportations, slave labor in German factories established in Czestochowa, liberation by Soviet troops, and their losses. This program was prepared for an exhibit in Czestochowa that was also shown in Krakow and Warsaw. 38 minutes.