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The Lewis Walpole Library Digital Images Collection (commonly referred to as the "DL") presents images of visual materials from Library's collection. The majority of the Library's world-renowned collection of English caricatures and political satirical prints from the late-seventeenth through the mid-nineteenth centuries are presented in the Digital Images Collection, including works by Gillray, Rowlandson, Woodward, Bunbury, and Newton, among others as well as the Library's extraordinary collection of works by William Hogarth.

Prints, drawings, and watercolors related to Horace Walpole's collection and house at Strawberry Hill are also represented, including several extra-illustrated editions of Walpole’s Description of the Villa, once owned by William Bawtree, Richard Bull, Thomas Kirgate, and Walpole himself as well as other volumes formerly in Walpole’s library such as his A Collection of Prints Engraved by Various Persons of Quality, and albums of drawings by his friends Richard Bentley and John Chute, as well as an Album of Drawings with natural history illustrations by Maria Sybilla Merian. Recent additions include selected portraits, including ones by George Vertue, and topographical views, several groups of prints known as the Cries of London (both those by Marcellus Laroon and those by Paul Sandby), and a selection of ephemera: trade cards, advertisements, invitations, and bookplates, ballads and broadsides, and many playbills from London and regional British theatres.

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Caricatures and Satires include:

and works by such artists as:

Prints, drawings, and watercolors related to Horace Walpole's collection and house at Strawberry Hill are also represented. Some of those included are:

In addition, other volumes and groups of materials to be found in the digital collection include:

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Information about searching, browsing, navigation, and display is below (click here). For more information about searching the digital images collection, see the section on the digital imagescollection on the page Finding Collection Material (click here).

The Library does not require registration to view the images in the Digital Collection. The images on the digital collection are intended for study use only and are not for publication. Please contact Susan Walker, Head of Public Services, to order high resolution images for publication. Users are requested to notify the Library when links are made to the site.

The Library's policy and information on copyright and photoduplication of the images are available at:

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Note: to ensure successful viewing of the higher resolution images, it is also necessary to view the most recent version of the Digital Images Collection. The url should begin with: If the url begins with http://lwlimages the high resolution images will not appear.

The Search Screen allows you to search for words that appear in the record associated with the image.

The information about each image in the Digital Images Collection includes:

As works are cataloged in Orbis, Yale's Library catalog, this more complete and authoritative information is being imported into the Digital Image collection to replace the temporary minimal metadata, providing more access points and authority-controlled headings for artist, subject, genre term, and so on. Records enhanced by Orbis information typically include:

Please note that not every image has all of this information included in the record. In some cases only the volume or collection level information is associated with each image from a particular volume or collection.

Searching is limited to keyword and call number.

A Keyword query searches all of these fields for exact matches of the word(s) entered.

Certain words, including articles, prepositions, and symbols, cause problems in keyword searches and will result in an error message.

While some pages of text are included in the Digital Image Collection, the images have not been OCR (optical character recgonition) processed, so only the limited text entered in the record is searchable.

Diacritics and Punctuation: Diacritics display in the images and records but are ignored in searching, so a search for either"Muntz" or "Müntz" will yield the same results regardless of whether the umlaut is used either in the search term or resulting record retrieved.

A Call number query searches for numbers in the record. As graphic works are cataloged in Orbis, in many cases new call numbers are assigned, sometimes based on new information about the date of the work, and in others to ensure correct numerical filing. This usually can be seen by the addition of zeros within the call number (e.g. the former call number for Female Combatants, 776.1.26.1 has been changed to 776.01.26.01).

With a Call Number query it is possible to find images by date of publication because the first element of a print's call number is the last three digits of the date of publication (e.g., "760" for a publication date of 1760).

It is not possible to combine a keyword and call number search.

Browsing, Navigation, and Display

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To view Result Screen for your search will display a gallery of thumbnail images with call number, title, artist (including dates and role), publication information, and image id number below.

Up to thirty thumbnail images will display per page. At the top and the bottom of the page is the number indicating the total number of pages in the search result.

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Downloading and Using Images

Images on the Digital Images Collection are intended for study use only. For most study purposes, including for use in powerpoint presentations, as illustrations in an unpublished paper, thesis, or dissertation, and for other such educational or research purposes, the Full Record size image should be of sufficient quality. To download or copy an image right-click on the image in the Full Record view, not the thumbnail size, then select "Save Picture As..." and then save as you would any jpeg, or "Copy" and then paste it into a document, powerpoint presentation, or other application.

If a higher resolution image is needed, a tiff will be sent electronically upon request.

We request that high resolution tiffs be ordered from the Library for publication. It is not currently possible to download a tiff automatically from the Digital Images Collection online or to copy and save "zoomify" images. To order an image for publication or to request a high resolution tiff for study use, please contact Susan Odell Walker, Head of Public Services. For more information, see the Library's page on Rights and Reproductions, click here.

The Library's statement on permission to publish is:

Permission to Publish. Provision of a photoduplicate is not an authorization to publish. The Library cannot grant or deny permission to publish texts or images unless Yale University is identified as the copyright holder. If the text or image in question is under copyright, permission to publish should be sought from the owners of the rights, typically the creator or the heirs to his or her estate. The Lewis Walpole Library should, however, be cited as the source with the following credit line: "Courtesy of The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University."

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