Visiting Fellows 2001 - 2002

Post-doctoral Fellows

David Allan
University of St. Andrews
The Scottish Enlightenment and English Culture, c.1740-c.1820

John Beynon
California State University, Fresno
Men of Mode: Representations of Male Effeminacy in Eighteenth-Century England

Richard Butterwick
Queen's University, Belfast
Father and Son: Sir Charles Hanbury Williams and Stanislaw Poniatowski

Joint ASECS / Lewis Walpole Library Fellow
Elizabeth Denlinger
Yeshiva University
The Persistence of the Bawdy: the Comic Erotic in British Culture, 1689-1840

Amy Froide
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Never Married: Single women in Early Modern England

Holger Hoock
Corpus Christi College, Oxford
The King's Artists: the Royal Academy of Art as a 'National Institution,' 1768-c.1820

Matthew Kinservik
University of Delaware
The Trials of Samuel Foote

Charles J. Cole Fellow
Jonathan Lamb
Princeton University
'Object Tales' in English Eighteenth-Century Fiction

Heather McPherson
University of Alabama, Birmingham
Caricature and Cultural Politics in Georgian England

Roger W. Eddy Fellow
Alison Shell
University of Durham
Orality and Old Religion: Catholicism and Oral Culture in Early Modern England

David Turner
University of Glamorgan
Visual Representation of Marital Relations in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Britain

Pre-doctoral Fellows

Sarah Day-O'Connell
Cornell University
Women's Musical Practice and the Construction of 'Public' and 'Private' in England, 1770-1820

George B. Cooper Fellow
Andrew Thompson
Queen's College, Cambridge
The 'Protestant Interest' and Foreign Policy in Britain and Hanover, 1719-1736

Travel Grant

Ann A. Huse
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
Eighteenth-Century Englishwomen and the Politics of the French Language

Graduate Fellows

A. Cassandra Albinson - Art History
Modernity and the Noblewoman: Aristocratic Portraiture in Britain, 1832-1885

Catherine Whalen - American Studies
Anglophilia and the Colonial Revival: Rescuing, Recreating, and Re-appropriating Anglo-American Identity in Connecticut, 1890-1940

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