Visiting Fellows 2004 - 2005

Post-doctoral Fellows

Dana Arnold
University of Southampton
Antiquarian and Archaeological Writings on Art in the Long Eighteenth Century

Nigel Aston
University of Leicester
The Correspondence of James Boswell and William Johnson Temple

Charles J. Cole Fellow
Lawrence E. Klein
Emmanuel College, Cambridge
"The Society of Gentlemen": Polite Culture in Eighteenth-century Britain

Roger W. Eddy Fellow
Cindy McCreery
University of Sydney
Growing Old Disgracefully: Images of Aristocratic Women in Late Eighteenth-century England

Jacqueline Marie Musacchio
Vassar College
Bianca Cappello de'Medici in the Eighteenth Century

ASECS-Lewis Walpole Library Fellow
Susan Lamb
University of Toronto at Scarborough
Codes to Travel by: Commentary and Practice, 1660-1840

Stephen Lloyd
Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Horace Walpole's Collection of Portrait Miniatures

Tone Sundt Urstad
University of Oslo
Biography of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams

Pre-doctoral Fellows

Nancy W. Collins
University College London
Forms and Practices of French "Salons"

George B. Cooper Fellow
Andrew Rudd
Trinity College, Cambridge
Sentimental Imperialism: India, Literature, and the Moral Imagination, 1780-1830

Hope Saska
Brown University
Theatricality of the Popular Print in Eighteenth-century England

Travel Grant

Harry T. Dickinson
University of Edinburgh
British Politicians in Caricature in the Late Eighteenth Century

Yale Graduate Student Summer Fellows

Hiba Hafiz
in support of research on The Reception of Seventeenth-century French Moralist Thought in England Throughout the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Paul Grant-Costa
in support of research on The Last Indian War in Connecticut: The Mohegan Indians v. The Governour and Council of Connecticut, 1703-1773

Past Recipients

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