Visiting Fellows 2007 - 2008

Post-doctoral Fellows

Roger W. Eddy Fellow
Michèle Cohen
Richmond American International University in London
A Cultural History of Education in Eighteenth-Century England

Newton Key
Eastern Illinois University
London Lords: Aristocratic Sociability in the Metropolis, 1620s-1760s

Peter McNeil
University of Technology, Sydney
The Macaroni Caricature: Portrait of Itself as a Genre

John Oldfield
University of Southampton
Images of the "West Indian" in Eighteenth-Century British Culture

Mark Phillips
Carleton University, Ottawa
Then and Now: Historical Distance and Visualization, 1740-1850 (Deferred to 2008-2009)

Geoffrey Quilley
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK
The Image of Jack Tar in British Art, c.1740-1830

Treve Rosoman
English Heritage
Interior Decoration Schemes as Illustrated in Eighteenth-Century and Early Nineteenth-Century Satirical Prints

Hiroki Shin
St. Catharine's College, University of Cambridge
Exchanging Ideas on Money: Britain and the United States in the 1790s - 1840s

Charles J. Cole Fellow
David Worrall
Nottingham Trent University
Undiscovered Performances of Walpole's Mysterious Mother (1768), Their Contemporary Context and Assessment of the Loss of their Cultural Legacy

Pre-doctoral Fellows

Joseph Drury
University of Pennsylvania
Machines, Mechanisms and the Making of the English Novel, 1720-1800

Kate Eberwein-Melluish
Royal Holloway, University of London
"When the Lamp Was Lit": Mary and Agnes Berry and Their London Salon

Olivia Horsfall Turner
University College London
The Cultural Meanings of Medieval Buildings in Britain, 1642-1720

George B. Cooper Fellow
Jared Richman
University of Pennsylvania
"Wide O'er Transatlantic Realms": America, Empire and Identity in British Literary Consciousness, 1760-1830

Travel Awards

Al Coppola
Fordham University
"You'll Apprehend It Better When You See It": Satires of Science on Stage, 1670-1737

Mark Danley
University of Memphis
Henry Seymour Conway and the Seven Years' War

Past Recipients

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