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The Library offers a variety of fellowships and travel grants to support research focused in the Library's rich collections of eighteenth-century materials.

Visiting Fellowships and Travel Grants for scholars pursuing postdoctoral or advanced research as well as doctoral candidates at work on a dissertation. (For details click here.)

Summer Fellowships for Yale graduate students engaged in or preparing for dissertation research. (For details click here)

The Charles A. Ryskamp Travel grant for Yale seniors engaged in or preparing for senior essay research. (For details click here)

Self-catering accommodation is available to visiting researchers in an adjacent historic house belonging to the Library.


The Library's unrivaled collection of Walpoliana includes three-quarters of the traceable volumes from Horace Walpole's famous library at Strawberry Hill and many letters and other manuscripts by him.

Its book and manuscript collections of considerable depth cover all aspects of eighteenth-century British culture: theater, literature, politics, history, art history, antiquarianism, scientific history, and many other fields. Materials include books, pamphlets, broadsheets, periodicals, and almanacs, and there is a particularly fine collection of extra-illustrated books.

The Manuscript collection holds international diplomatic correspondence, Exchequer account books, and literary manuscripts: parliamentary, personal, and travel diaries; and cookbooks.

The Library is also the home of the world's largest and finest collection of eighteenth-century British graphic art outside the British Museum. Indexed in great detail, its 35,000 satirical prints, portraits, and topographical views are an incomparable and easily accessible resource of visual material on every aspect of English eighteenth-century life.

The Walpole Digital Images Collection, which holds close to 13,000 images from the Library's collection of prints and drawings, is available for consultation both on site and remotely.

Online access to Yale's catalogs and information sources is provided, and the Library offers a wide range of specialized indices.

For more information on the Library's collections, click here

For more information about finding materials in the Library's collections click here

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Fellowship and Travel Grant Applications

The Library offers a Visiting Fellowship and Travel Grant program. The application deadline is the second Monday in January. This year the deadline will be: January 11, 2016. For further Visiting Fellowship and Travel Grant details click here. For application details, click here.

Applications for the LWL's Summer Fellowships for Yale graduate students are accepted through January 11, 2016, and awards will be announced in February. Summer Fellowships include accommodations on-site in Farmington and a stipend. For further details about the summer fellowship program click here. For application details, click here.

Applications for the Charles A. Ryskamp Travel Grant for Yale seniors are accepted through January 22, 2016, although earlier submission is encouraged. For further details about this travel grant program click here. For application details, click here.

Application requirements vary. For details see the individual program page.

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Nicole L. Bouché
W.S. Lewis Librarian and Executive Director
The Lewis Walpole Library
P.O. Box 1408
Farmington, CT 06034

Fax: 860-677-6369

Award Announcement and Recipients

The Library is delighted to announce the award recipients for 2015-2016. Ten fellowships, six travel grants, and two Yale graduate student summer fellowships have been awarded.

For a list of names of fellowship and travel grant award recipients, their institutional affiliations and project titles for 2015-2016, click here.

For similar lists of fellows and travel grant award recipients for past years, click here.

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