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The Lewis Walpole Library is open to scholars and research visitors who wish to use the rare and primary source materials in the collections. The Library is open by appointment Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. throughout the year (excluding University holidays). For directions to the Library, click here.

The Lewis Walpole Library is a non-circulating, closed-stack library. All material in the Library must be handled with great care. Reading privileges are granted to registered readers, subject to the following:

Appointments to use the Lewis Walpole Library may be made by email: or phone 860-677-2140.

AEON: The Library has recently implemented the use of Aeon, a workflow and materials control software designed for special collections libraries and archives, through which readers register, sign a use agreement, and request materials for use in the Reading Room. For more information please see the Guide to Using Special Collections at the Yale University Library.

All Library users are required to register online to use the reading room and the collections. To register, or to access your Aeon account, click here.

Requests for Lewis Walpole Library collection material for use in the Reading Room should be made through Orbis ( For more information about requesting material, including requests for items not yet cataloged in Orbis, please see the Guide to Using Special Collections at the Yale University Library (or click here). You will see there instructions for requesting uncataloged material directly through a "New Request Form" (to access Aeon, click here).

As part of the registration process readers must read and agree to the "Yale University Library User Agreement for Special Collections". A copy of the agreement, which includes important information about the reproduction, publication, and security of collections as well as terms and conditions for in-person use of materials in a special collections reading room, and a non-disclosure agreement, can be reviewed by clicking here. This agreement governs the use of the Lewis Walpole Library Reading Room and collection materials.

In addition, at the LWL:

    1. Lockers are provided for the storage of personal items. The Library reserves the right to inspect all items upon removal from the building.
    2. The main Library is equipped with 802.11 b/g wireless access throughout the building. 10 Mb Ethernet connections are also available in the Reading Room and other public areas. A public PC is located in the Reading Room as well as a monochrome laser printer. Wireless USB adapters are available on a limited basis for laptops not equipped for wireless.
    3. The quantity of materials readers may page at any one time is limited.
    4. Paging is available from 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon and from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
    5. Readers are requested not to remove cards from the catalog drawers or drawers from the cabinets.
    6. Video and circulation records are retained permanently.


Details of the Library's photography policy are included in Section II of the "Yale University Library User Agreement for Special Collections." In addition:

  1. Arrangements for images intended for publication must be made with the Head of Public Services. There is a schedule of charges, available at:
  2. Existing digital images for materials which have been made available on the digital image collection or other database online may be downloaded and should be used as study images.
  3. Photography is permitted only to the extent that it does not disrupt other readers or compromise the safety of the collections or security of the facility.
  4. Readers wishing to take digital images of collection materials may either use their own camera or use the camera provided by the Library for that purpose. The camera is made available upon request, on a first-come, first-served basis. The settings on the camera may not be changed, and the use of flash is not permitted. It is the responsibility of the reader doing the photography to download and save the images locally at the end of the photographic session.
  5. Readers may not take digital photographs of copies held at the LWL of originals that are owned by other repositories. Photocopies of photostat prints will be made for study use only when the repository’s image cannot be located online.
  6. All material in the Library must be handled with great care. Library materials must remain on the Reading Room table, and foam supports should be used for books. Book weights may be used to hold a page open; however, no pressure should be applied to bindings. Loose manuscript or unbound graphic material must remain in its folder, flat on the table, and kept in order at all times. Library staff are available to assist with proper handling as needed.
  7. Each user is responsible for recording complete and accurate citations (complete location information) for all items he or she photographs for future reference and orders for publication photography.

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Practical Matters regarding the Reading Room

The Reading Room accommodates up to ten readers at one large table. The Reading Room is climate-controlled. Some readers find the temperature chilly, so it is advisable to bring a sweater or shawl, especially in summer. Please note that any sweater or shawl should either be worn while in the Reading Room or hung in one of the lockers down the hall while not in use.

Reader Cubbies: Each reader has a cubby behind the monitor's desk in which collection materials he or she has paged are kept. Researchers staying for more than one day may request that materials be retained in their cubby for as long as needed as long as there is sufficient space in the cubby. Monitors may request that the researcher return some items for reshelving if space becomes tight. All items taken from the cubby must be signed out with the monitor.

Requests for books, bound manuscripts, and graphic materials may be made through Yale's Library catalog Orbis (or Quicksearch), or through the Yale Finding Aid Database (YFAD). Requests for other material not in Orbis can be made directly through Aeon. To place such a request, login to your Aeon account, click on "Can't find it?" link on the left side menu, then, under Lewis Walpole Library, click on either manuscript or book and fill out the form. Please ask for assistance if you need help. 

Request Limit. There is a limit of ten requests per person. We may override the request limit on an individual case basis. Please contact us if you have a need to have the limit overridden. It is extremely important that you still adhere to the ten-item limit for requests at any other special collections repository elsewhere at Yale (e.g. Beinecke, Manuscripts and Archives, Medical Historical Library). 

Supplies. Book weights, bookmarks, pencils, and magnifying glasses are available on the table. Task lamps, a small camera, and a light sheet are available upon request.

Wireless internet access is provided throughout the Lewis Walpole Library and the Timothy Root House. In order to access the secure wireless network at the LWL, including access to the subscription databases, it is necessary for the monitor to register each Reader's wireless device on the Yale Network. This will work on the wireless both here at the LWL and down on campus. The registration will be valid for the duration of your stay in Farmington. It will be necessary to register the device again on future visits. Please see the Reading Room monitor to have her or him register your device.

Public computer terminal and printer. There is a public terminal and black and white printer available in the Reading Room. There is no self-service photocopier. Any requests for photocopies must be made with the monitor and approval as well as any limits on the amount of photocopying is at the discretion of the monitor. No material published earlier than 1950 or in poor condition will be photocopied.


Please follow the instructions of the Reading Room monitor. In case of fire, exit the Reading Room promptly, go out the Exit door to the right in the hallway and through the exterior door from the stairway. Proceed to the Root House terrace. 

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