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Two different software programs are used by Library staff to backup their workstations.

The first, TSM (formerly called 'ADSM'), is managed by the University's ITS Department. Many staff already have accounts on this system. Staff who currently use ADSM/TSM should continue to do so. There is no need to move from TSM at this time. Information on configuring and using TSM can be found on the Central Backup - TSM page.

The second option is Veritas NetBackup. This system is managed by ITS Library Support Group staff. Any new backup accounts will be created on this system.

Important: Both of these systems were designed for disaster recovery only. Neither system is an archive! Your backups are retained for a period of 30 days. If you have not run a backup in over 30 days it is unlikely we will be able to recover your files if your computer were to crash.

Information on configuring and using Veritas NetBackup:

The first thing we need to do is configure what files will be included and excluded in an automatic backup. Software and operating system files should always be excluded form a backup. When recovering from a disaster we would load the operating system and software from CDs then restore your data from the backup system.

Open the Veritas NetBackup software by clicking the Start button, Programs, VERITAS NetBackup, NetBackup.

When the software opens, click "Select for Backup" on the icon bar.

You should see a screen like this:

The C:\ drive should be highlighted and NOT have a blue check mark in the box next to it. Your screen should look similar to the picture above. Go to the Backup menu and select "Add to Exclude List". You have now excluded everything on the C:\ drive from being backed up. Now you want to start selecting things to be included in your backup.

Go to the Backup menu and select "Add to Include List". In the example below, I have selected C:\Documents and Settings. This will get every profile that is on the machine, including anything that is on a desktop, Internet Explorer Favorites and anything in My Documents. On some older machines that were upgraded from Windows NT, this directory would be c:\winnt\profiles

I'm also going to select C:\yaledocs then go to the Backup menu and select "Add to Include List".

You can continue to select directories to be included in your automatic backup. I'll stop here and show you how to display what has been excluded and what has been included. You can add as many files and directories that you'd like. Some examples of things that you may want to backup include: Eudora, Netscape bookmarks, Excel files, Word documents or any directories you may keep data in.

Go to the Actions Menu and select Configure. You will see a window that looks like the one below.

Now select the "Exclude List" tab. Notice in the example below that we have selected the entire contents of C:\ is excluded. That's fine because our includes will override our excludes.

Now select the "Include List" tab. Notice that we have included C:\documents and Settings and C:\yaledocs

Click OK. You are now ready for automatic backups. All you need to do is leave your computer on the night your backup has been assigned. Call 27258 if you don't know your backup night.

You are strongly encouraged to backup important files manually. To backup manually, simply put a blue check mark near any files or folders you would like backed up. Then click the backup icon. In the example below, I have selected the C:\december Directory for manual backup. The Backup Icon is circled.

This is just the basics. You may want to read additional information on using the Veritas NetBackup software.