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Short Notes on Email Style

  • Watch addresses when replying. Make sure don't reply to lists unless you want to. Don't count on the email program to read your mind. The only way to be sure is LOOK.

  • Resist the temptation to omit punctuation.

  • Use meaningful subject lines, especially when mailing to lists or people who get large amounts of email, like vendors.

  • Use a signature for boilerplate information.

  • Use stationery form letters when appropriate.

  • If you make regular postings to lists or committees with the same subject, date the subject line. "XYZ Committee Minutes--3-17-97" is very helpful when you are sifting through 3 months of "XYZ Committee Minutes."

  • Use bcc or a nickname list when mailing to large groups of people.

john.coleman@yale.edu Revised 3/18/97