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Transfer Eudora Mail Files to a New Computer

Library's Standard Eudora Mail files is located at c:\emai\NetID, you just need copy the c:\email to new machine.

For non-standard location: Transferring Eudora Mail Files to a New Workstation is easy once you know which files to move. The following instructions describe a move from a Windows-for-Workgroups machine running Eudora 2 to a Windows NT 4.0 machine running Eudora 3, but the information may be useful to staff attempting other types of migrations. The same files that you are transferring should also be part of your regular backup set if you wish to backup your mail.

  1. Install Eudora 3 on the new NT machine.
  2. Mailbox Files: In the Eudora directory, Copy all files with the extensions .TOC (Table of Contents) and .MBX (Mailbox). In addition copy the file DESCMAP.PCE
  3. Nested Mailbox Folders: Copy all subdirectories ending in .FOL. Drag the entire subdirectory to the Eudora directory on the new machine. Example: YALE.FOL
  4. Nicknames Database: You have already copied the file NNDBASE.TOC.  In addition, copy the file NNDBASE.TXT
  5. Filters file: Copy the file FILTERS.PCE
  6. Recipient List: Copy the file RCPDBASE.TXT
  7. Signature files:
    • Easiest way:  Copy the entire subdirectory named SIGS.
    • Alternate way:  In versions of Eudora prior to 3.0, signature files appeared in the primary Eudora directory as SIGNATUR.PCE, SIGNATUR.ALT, etc.  If you copy these files to the primary Eudora directory on the new machine, version 3.0 will convert them to the new format in the SIGS directory.
  8. Attachments: If you want to transfer the old file of attachments, copy the entire subdirectory named ATTACH.
  9. Settings: Do NOT copy EUDORA.INI from a WFW machine to an NT machine. The 32-bit version of Eudora has features which are not supported in the 16-bit version and the INI files are different.

You will need to go through the settings on the new machine (on the Menu Bar under TOOLS / OPTIONS) and manually enter any changes you wish to make to the default values. It is well worth going through all the options here. There are many adjustments you can make which tailor Eudora to your personal preferences and make your work much more efficient.

WARNING: Do NOT simply copy the whole Eudora directory to the new machine. Many of the old WFW files will overwrite the 32-bit software which you carefully installed under NT 4.0.

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