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What tasks should expert users know how to do?

If you believe you are a departmental Expert User, your name must appear on this list:
Each Department has been assigned a Web, Workstation & Digital Consulting Services Contact. You should contact your Contact for any help you might need supporting the workstations in your unit.  The Contact list is here:

  • Check that your anti-virus software and virus definitions are up to date. - Check Antivirus Software
  • Securely share files and printers. - Secure File and Printer Sharing
  • Install software from PCAmigo - PC Amigo on Staff Workstation.
  • Find the name and IP Address of a workstation. - Inventory Information
  • Setup printers and diagnose printer problems.
  • Diagnose network problems, i.e. identify a dead ethernet port by swapping cables.
  • Connect to departmental (tcp/ip) laser printers via the IP address of the printer.
  • Verify that all Windows Updates have been applied to a workstation by using Windows Update.
  • Check backups for workstations that are being backed up.
    Check a TSM backup: http://www.yale.edu/adsm/ and Setup the PC for backup
  • Create desktop shortcuts that are available to all users
  • Confirm that spyware/toolbars might exist on a workstation (Hints: popup ads all the time, extra toolbars in IE, default homepage changed)
  • Add users to a workstation
  • Understand how to navigate through files and directories on a workstation using Windows Explorer
  • How do I register a Library laptop for Wireless access or Ethernet roaming? - See instruction.
  • The process of reporting system problems (checking system status page, voyager problem report, etc.)
  • WW&DCS Searchable FAQ: WW&DCS FAQ

Information on Workstation Best Practices
Policies for use of Staff Workstations