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Check Antivirus Software:

  • Sign of problem: see the following red mark for your Norton icon on systmes tray

  • Right click the Norton icon to make sure the "Enable File System Realtime Protection" is checked.

  • Check to see if your Norton set to update every day :
    Some of the machine has Symantec AntiVirus 8, check to see if it was set to be auto update, if it does, you will see NAV-CORP-A (or B ..) at Parent server as show, then the Norton will auto update and you don't have to do anything :

  • For all others: double click the Norton icon (shield) on systems tray to open Norton AntiVirus window, make sure tha "Load Norton ANtiVirus Services" is checked, if it didn't checked, you will get at your systems tray. Click LiveUpdate will start the manual update

  • Make sure that you have your NAV update everyday by open Edit => Schedule Update to open "Schedule Virus Definition Update" window, we should have "Enable scheduled automatic update and set update everyday at the time of your choice

  • To set or change the update time, click "Schedule" button to open "Virus Definition Update Schedule" window.

  • If your schedule update time is not the first thing when you turn on the machine, make sure it will update during the day by select the proper update period by click "Advance" icon to open "Advanced Schedule Options" and set "Handle missed events within" the proper time.

  • When you have virus, you will get some message like this one, which will tell if the "quantine succeeded", if you get fail message, report to your contact.

  • Once a while, you want to clean the quantined files, click Scan => Quantine to see files, then select all files (click the first file, hold "shift" key, scroll down to last file, then click to select all), the delete icon wil appear as red cross.
    Click to open "Take Action" window to delete the affected files.