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OCLC Connexion Installation

Section #1

First, check if your computer has the .Net framework installed. Our Windows XP machines already have it. Most Windows 2000 machines will need it. To determine if you have it, you can start the OCLC Connexion installation below. If you need it, the software will tell you. You must install the .Net Framework before installing OCLC Connexion. As with any installation you should save your work first and close all your programs. A restart is required after installing the .Net Framework.

If you need the dot net framework follow these instructions:

-Open PCAmigo.
-Select Available Online Software.
-Select University Library.
-Select Details on the dotNet item.
-Select Download.

Click Ok.

Select "I agree", then click Install.

You will see this window while the software installs.

Click ok.

The files for MDAC 2.8 will copy over.

Accept the MDAC 2.8 license agreement. Then click Next.

You will see this screen while the software installs.

Click Finish.

You may see more files being copied to finish the installation.

At the end have the system restart by clicking Finish.

After the computer reboots you may see this message box when you log back in. If you do not, you'll need to start the OCLC Connexion setup manually by following the steps in the next section.

Section #2

Install the OCLC Connexion client from PCAmigo

-Open PCAmigo.
-Select Available Online Software .
-Select University Library.
-Select Details on the OCLC Connexion item.
-Select Download.

Click Next.

Select I Agree, then click Next.

Select Everyone. The click Next.

Click Next.

You will see this screen for a minute for two while the software installs.

Click Close.

Click OK.

The installation is now complete. A shortcut for OCLC Connexion will be in the Start Menu under Programs.

Section #3 Client and Network Settings

We do not have enhance or update status in OCLC; therefore our authorization numbers will not allow us to these tasks in the OCLC database.

Keep client default settings, unless requested to do otherwise as follows:

Under Tools>Options , select the Access tab. Under "Internet Access" select the third option "OCLC Dedicated TCP/IP"

Customize the interactive logon. This customization will allow the client to automatically connect when you click the "connect" icon.

You may type the 9-digit OCLC authorization number either with, or without hyphens.

If you do not supply the password here, anyone who logs in will need to type the password each time.

Under the "Export" tab be sure to insert the correct path to your Voyager import file. Use the same path for Connexion as for Passport, in order to avoid confusion.

Fonts tab: Make sure the default "Arial Unicode MS" is selected.

Under the "General" tab, set the automatic logoff time to 15 minutes. If the user would like a warning, that box may be selected, and the "minutes before timeout" customized. As we only have a set number of ports, the 15 minute timeout allows more people to use the system.

Under the "Printing" tab, select the appropriate printer.