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Workstation Reminders and Guidelines for Library Staff and Expert Users:

Backing up Staff Computers | Expert Users Know How | WW&DCS FAQ | Check Backup

General reminders:

  • Never share your netid and password combination.
  • Logoff when you leave a workstation or website that you logged in to use.
    Note: If you will be returning to your workstation but leaving for a while (lunch for example), lock your workstation by hitting ctrl + alt + del and choosing 'Lock Computer'.
  • Shutdown and restart your workstation in the evenings so software can be installed and backups can occur, except for weekends you can shut them down.
  • Keep power cords and strips off of the floor if possible.
  • Clean your workstation's keyboard and mouse on a regular basis.
  • Know how to check the Machine Status page.
  • Know how to report Voyager problems.
  • Locate Outlook Web Access ( https://connect.yale.edu )

Web Server users: Know how to change the password for your web server login.

Concerning E-mail:

  • Do not open e-mail attachments you were not expecting or from unknown sources.
  • Do not use filters to filter common words or phrases.
  • Do not configure your e-mail application to automatically open attachments.
  • Do not click on web links in messages from unknown sources.
  • Concerning Workstations:

    • Download programs only from approved web sites unless known sources (like PCAmigo)and the software is authorized for Library workstations. Prior to installation obtain approval to install the software from your departmental expert user or WW&DCS staff..
    • Do not install alternate ToolBars in Internet Explorer on staff workstations unless OK'd by your expert user or WW&DCS staff.
    • Check with your expert user before sharing directories or printers. Always restrict shared directory access using appropriate netids.Consider the file server or SharePoint over sharing from your desktop.
    • Learn how to check that your anti-virus software is up to date.
    • Do not install any file sharing software on Library workstations (Kazaa, Limewire, etc...)
    • Do not visit game sites from Library workstations.*
    • Do not visit gambling sites from Library workstations.*
    • Do not visit 'adult' sites from Library workstations.*
    *Note: These sites may install undesirable software on your workstation, therefore they should not be visited from Library staff computers.

    What tasks should expert users know how to do?

    • Check that your anti-virus software and virus definitions are up to date. - Check Antivirus Software
    • Securely share files and printers. - Secure File and Printer Sharing
    • Install software from PCAmigo - PC Amigo on Staff Workstation.
    • Find the name and IP Address of a workstation. - Inventory Information
    • Setup printers and diagnose printer problems.
    • Diagnose network problems, i.e. identify a dead ethernet port by swapping cables.
    • Connect to departmental (tcp/ip) laser printers via the IP address of the printer.
    • Verify that all Windows Updates have been applied to a workstation by using Windows Update.
    • Check backups for workstations that are being backed up.
      Check a TSM backup: http://www.yale.edu/adsm/ and Setup the PC for backup
    • Create desktop shortcuts that are available to all users
    • Confirm that spyware/toolbars might exist on a workstation (Hints: popup ads all the time, extra toolbars in IE, default homepage changed)
    • Add users to a workstation
    • Understand how to navigate through files and directories on a workstation using Windows Explorer
    • How do I register a Library laptop for Wireless access or Ethernet roaming? - See instruction.
    • The process of reporting system problems (checking system status page, voyager problem report, etc.)
    • WW&DCS Searchable FAQ: WW&DCS FAQ