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How can you access files or e-mail at home?

Staff who wish to access files or e-mail on their Library staff workstation from home have a variety of options available to them.

Below are listed the solutions recommended by Web, Workstation & Digital Consulting Services. Note: WW&DCS does not provide support for home computers, but offers these solutions as examples of how we accomplish this.

How to use files from your Library staff workstation at home:

Map a Network Drive: If you use a PPP connection or the Yale VPN, your home computer is on the Yale network. It is therefore possible to map a network drive to your Library staff workstation from home. Using a network share, it would be possible to copy a file from your staff workstation to your home machine. The speed of this transfer would be dependent on your modem speed.

Purchase an external hard drive or a Flash drive: Many staff have found the easiest way to transfer files from work to home is to use an external hard drive (available with a variety of connectors including USB and Firewire) or a USB Flash Drive.

Relatively inexpensive, these drives can also be used to backup files on your home computer.

Note: Staff can make personal purchases using the Eportal and receive Academic discounts.

Copy files using Windows Explorer to the Pantheon: Copy the files to your available space on the Pantheon. From your office machine, map to \\pantheon.yale.edu\netid. Copy files to this shared drive. At home, connect to the Yale network using PPP or the VPN, then map to the same drive and use the files from there. For more information see http://pantheon.yale.edu/help/policies/index.html for disk quotas and scratch space on the Pantheon.

E-mail the files to yourself: If you know that you will need to work on a file at home, you can e-mail that file to yourself, then download it to your home computer using Yale Web Mail (https://www.mail.yale.edu).

Transfer the files to the Pantheon using Secure Shell: Use Secure Shell to transfer a file to your Pantheon account, then transfer it down to your home computer. Please remember that the Library web server (www.library.yale.edu) is not to be used for this purpose. All staff with a netid have an allocation of space on the ITS Pantheon servers, it can be used for this purpose.

Accessing E-mail from home: The easiest way to access e-mail from both work and home is to configure Eudora on your staff workstation to use IMAP

IMAP is a protocol that allows you to store Eudora mailboxes on the Pantheon server so that you can retrive them from just about anywhere with another IMAP program such as IMP (ITS Web Mail), Pine or Netscape Messenger. Remember that there are space limitations on the Pantheon, so store only messages you need to access away from your workstation in your IMAP folders. IMAP folders should not be used for long-term storage of e-mail messages.

Note: This technique can also be used to access Eudora mail from another staff workstation.

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