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Changing the Front Door for a Metalib Downtime

In the event of a downtime situation for Metalib outside of normal business hours - the Databases & Article Searching link from the Library Front Door should be changed to the backup server. During normal business hours contact WWDCS to make this change.

The Library's homepage is \usr\web\htmldocs\yulhome.htm .

Modifying the Page:

1. E-mail notification the page is being modified.

2. Create a copy of the page in the same directory - cp yulhome.htm yulhomeDATE.htm . (DATE = date of modification)

3. vi yulhome.htm

4. Locate the text 'Articles' .

5. Change the link for Metalib to: http://sfx1.library.yale.edu:8331/V

6. Save the page

7. Test the link and check the page for correct display!.

Note: Do not FTP the page off of the web server to make this change - you risk the display being modified - use VI on the server.