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Kitāb Jālīnūs fī ʻamal al-tashrīḥ / tarjamat Ḥunayn ibn Isḥāq. A translation of Galen. [S.l. : s.n.], 939 [1532 or 1533] which Ibn Sina (Avicenna, d. 428/1037) studied when preparing his Kitab al-Qanun fi al-tibb li-Abi `Ali Ibn Sina.

قانون في ألطب (Canon of Medicine) from Ibn Sina (Avicenna, d. 428/1037). The manuscript, copied in 1006 H./1597-98 A.D., is found in the Medical Historical Library at Yale and is cataloged as Cushing Arabic ms. 5.

the first page and the opening decoration and invocation to Allah from Kitab al-Qanun; also, a sample of ephemera found with the MS.

samples from Faraḥ nāmah / Abū Bakr al-Muṭahhar ibn Abī al-Qāsim ibn Abī Saʻīd al-Jamālī maʻrūf bih Yazdī. Yazdī, al-Muṭahhar ibn Muḥammad, fl. 1184. [S.l : s.n., 16--?]. This is a natural history treatise that is illuminated with detailed multicolored illustrations of animals, birds, plants, stones and humans.

A sample from an illustrated treatise in Persian on human anatomy, usually referred to as Tashrīh-i Mansūrī (Mansūr’s Anatomy) from Ibn Ilyās, Manṣūr ibn Muḥammad, fl. 1384. Also, samples of ephemera found with the MS.

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