Title: Cuba: Castro on Ghana's Rawlings, Support For Clinton.

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Commander in Chief Fidel Castro today bid farewell to Ghanaian
President Jerry John Rawlings and the high- ranking delegation that
accompanied him.  Minutes after the farewell ceremony, the leader of the
revolution was interviewed by the national media.  National Assembly
President Ricardo Alarcon, Vice Foreign Minister Jorge Bolanos, and other
Cuban party and government officials went to Jose Marti International
Airport's tarmac and bid farewell to the Ghanaian president.
In his short three-day visit, the president of the Republic of Ghana
held official talks at the highest level.  He also honored Commander in
Chief Fidel Castro with the Ghanaian Star Order, the highest decoration
awarded by the African country.  Minutes after the airplane had departed
with the distinguished visitor, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro held an
exchange of views with the national media and said the Ghanaian leader's
visit was very positive and important.  He also emphasized the courageous
position that the African leader had assumed at the UN sessions.
[Begin recording] [Castro]  He is not an ambitious man.  He is very
honest, sincere, and courageous.  He has never hesitated in the least to
support Cuba.  He is very supportive.  Approximately 3,000 Ghanaians have
studied here.  He has exceptional qualities.  He is a man who likes to be
constantly on the move, in contact with the people.  Since he has to
fulfill his duties as a president his time is limited.  He is a man of
principles and he fulfills his duties.
[Reporter]  Commander how significant is the fact that the Ghanaian
president came to our country after giving a speech at the UN?  What does
that mean for us?
[Castro]  He is a very independent man.  He is courageous.  He knows
no cowardice.  He has good ties with the US Government.  He has good ties
with Clinton, who was received there in Ghana, during his tour.  He also
has good ties with members of the Commonwealth and the British Government.
They respect him and his actions.
Also, at the UN....[pauses]  Clinton was given a warm welcome at the
UN by the third world countries in general.  It was a clear expression, a
form of expressing themselves, regarding the great scandal and the United
States' armed vendetta against Clinton.  It was quite a reaction.  Not all
the US people are involved but it was quite a reaction because the whole
problem was politicized.  The same applies to the reports and the way in
which the information was handled.  Many Americans eventually reacted
against this.
For example, the majority of the Hispanic people support him. The
black population, 85 percent of the black population, supports Clinton.  He
was quite worried about the situation.  Martin Luther King's widow
supported him.  Mandela was there, giving his support. They say that
Mandela was awarded a medal in Congress and he had words of respect and
support for Clinton, and there is a Republican majority as well as many
far-right people in Congress.  They say Clinton was moved to tears when
Mandela spoke. [passage omitted on previously filed comments regarding
Russian economic crisis]  [end recording]

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