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LC Classification

Yale Classification

Call Number Regular Oversize(+) Folio Call Number Regular Oversize (+ or 0) Folio
A (LC) 5M 5M 5M A 7M 7M 7m/4wing
B - BX1546 (LC) 5M 5 6M B - Byzw 7M 7 4-6 (in cases)4
BX1547 - BX9999 (LC) 5 5 6M Byzx - Bz 7 7 4-6 (in cases)4
C (LC)1 5 5 3M C 7 7 4M
D1 - DP48 5 4M 5M E Mudd Mudd Mudd
DP48 - DZ 4M 4M / 4 5M F 7 7 3
E (LC) 4 4 4M G 6M 6M 2**
F (LC) 4 4 4M H - Hta10 M85 6M 6 2
G1 - GN859 (LC) 4 4 Wing 7M Hta10 M86 - Hz 6 6 2
GN860 - GZ (LC) 4Wing 4Wing 7M I 6 6 2M
H1 - HG4245 (LC) 4 Wing 3M 4 J 6 6 Mudd
HG4245 - HT653 (LC) 4 3M 4 Judaica 6M 6M 6M
HT653 - HX (LC) 3M 3M 4 K 6 - 5M 5M 7
J (LC) 3M 3M 3M L Mudd Mudd Mudd
Judaica 6M 6M 6M M Mudd Mudd Mudd
K1-KQK C (LC) 3M 3 7M N Mudd Mudd Mudd
KQK C - KZ (LC) 3 3 7M O Mudd Mudd Mudd
L (LC) 3 3 7M P Mudd Mudd Mudd
M (LC) 3 3 6M R Mudd Mudd Mudd
N (LC) 3 3 4-7 (in cases)2 S Mudd Mudd Mudd
Near East 6 6 3M T Mudd Mudd Mudd
P - PL2727 3 2 3 U Mudd Mudd Mudd
PL2727-PS3537 2M 2 V Mudd Mudd Mudd
PS3538-PZ 2 2 W Mudd Mudd Mudd
Q - QB2 (LC) 1MB 1M 7M X1 5M 5M Mudd
QB3 - QZ (LC) 1M 1M 7M Y Manuscripts and Archives
R - V (LC) 1M 1M 7M Z2 Beinecke Rare Book Library
Z - Z6464 (LC) 1M 1 1
Z6465 - ZA (LC) 1 1 1
Bass (formerly Cross Campus) Library Zeta (all sizes) at Mudd except JJ6 36 v.15 - XX368.
The entire Bass collection has moved from SML to the Bass Library Ask at the service desk to page Zeta folios.
8.71-17.25, 21.03-61z.43 All sizes at Mudd.
Zeta (all sizes) at Mudd except Folios N(LC) - Z(LC). 1X346 (all sizes) at Beinecke, X348-9 (all sizes) at Mudd.
Use Place Requests to obtain Zeta (LC) folios.
1 CJ(LC) Numismatics Collection (all sizes) at Mudd 2Zn Numismatics Collection(all sizes)at Mudd
2 Folio N1 (LC) - N557 (LC) 7
2 Folio N558 (LC) - N577 (LC) 6M 4Ba18 0072 - Bz23 008 6
2 Folio N578 (LC) - N645 v.19 (LC) 5M 4BB14ma M45b - BBg 12 93 6
2 Folio N645 v.20 (LC) - N738 (LC) 5 4BBg12a p4 953S - BBj65 At4 5
2 Folio N739 (LC) - N931 (LC) 4M 4BBk22 5 - BBz95 T48 4 Wing
2 Folio Serial N1 (LC) - Folio Serial N18 (LC) 4 4Folio B1 - Folio B10 4 Wing
**Use Place Requests for G (Yale) folios.
Whenever a book is not found , use Place Requests (choose Staff Retrieval or Search) or ask staff for assistance.
* Some books of this size are in Overflow areas. Check signs for Overflow locations on the same or other floors.
stacks guide revised 11.14.07


Books are shelved in Sterling by size within Library of Congress (LC) or Yale classification. To the left is a chart for each classification, arranged by call number letters and shelving sizes.

Floor numbers (e.g. 3, 4 Wing, 6M) are shown for books shelved in Sterling. Some Yale classifications are shelved at the Mudd Library, which is located at the corner of Sachem and Mansfield Streets.

To reach an M (mezzanine) floor, use the stacks elevators or take a public elevator to the floor above or below, then use the stacks stairways. Between floors 1 and 2, there are two mezzanines: 1M and 1MB.

Floor plans are posted in the main aisle of each stack floor. Guide cards at the ends of shelving aisles show call number sequences. Red ink is used for (LC) n umbers, black ink for Yale classification numbers.

If a call number is preceded by a collection name (e.g. Franklin) or other library name (e.g. Bass Library), the book is NOT shelved in the Sterling stacks.

When books are not on the shelf, request a search at the service desk.

Overflow shelving areas contain books which cannot be shelved in their normal locations due to space limitations. Look for signs to Overflow locations.

Recognizing LC and YALE call numbers: Books with (LC) at the end of the call number are classified in the Library of Congress classification system. ( LC) does not appear on books in the D, PA-PZ or Q classes nor on Near East Collection b ooks. Yale classification numbers have a combination of a capital letter followe d by one or more lower case letters in the first line of the call number. Examples : Ba, Fvc, Jb.

Oversize books with (LC) call numbers always have a plus sign "+" at the beginning of the 2nd or 3rd line. In the Yale classification, oversize is shown by a zero "0" or a plus sign "+". Examples:

Yale classification Library of Congress (LC)
Bo3 or Bo5N G259
0237 +P94 +S54

Folios are the largest books. In the Yale classes, folio numbers begin with double capital letters or the second line begins with 00 or the word "Folio" is above the call number. In all (LC) classes, the word "Folio" is above the call number. Folios l ie flat on stack shelves or in 3' high book cases usually found on floor peripheries.

Yale classification Library of Congress (LC)
AA88 or A1 or Folio Folio Folio
G787 0041 A A H
N2 3 6
(LC) (LC)
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