New Notable Acquisitions

Images of notable items recently acquired by the Judaica Collection at Yale University.

Haggadah shel Pesach
Calligraphy and illumination by Tamar Messer
Studio Tamar Messer, 2004
Limited edition of 130

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Plum Colored Regret

by Lynne Avadenka

Huntington Woods, Mich. : Land Marks Press, 2010

Of the hundreds of Hebrew poems written in medieval Jewish Spain, one is attributed to a woman. Will Her Love Remember, by The Wife of Dunash ben Labrat, is the starting point for Lynne Avadenka’s new artist’s book, Plum Colored Regret. The original poem drives the movement of the book and Avadenka’s powerful prose amplifies the voice of the poet. Plum Colored Regret, like other editions created by Avadenka, combines a skillful integration of text and image, an original, innovative binding and multiple printmaking techniques. The tiles and calligraphic art of medieval Spain inspire the format of the book and the imagery contained within. The book is 12 inches high by 6 inches wide, and housed in a wrapper of Kyosei-shi paper over boards, with a laced vellum closure. Letterpress printed on Shin Torinoko Cream paper from photopolymer plates, using Silentium Pro and David types and Hebrew wood type, along with color lithography.

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Pinkas from Romania

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Pinkas from Russia

Alpha Botanica

This small volume from Wiesedruck, the imprint of Sarah Horowitz, features the English and Hebrew Alphabets beginning from the front and back of the book. Depicted behind each letter is a plant whose name begins with that letter. The list of plants and the colophon are placed in the middle. The book is signed by the artist and the binder. Yale's copy is number 29.

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Illustrated Yiddish Book

Geyt a hindele keyn Bronzvil (A Little Hen goes to Brownsville)

1937; Story by Yehoshua Kaminiski; Illustrations by Note Kozlovski

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Shivviti Plaque

Shivviti Plaque, Morocco, late 19th or early 20th century.

Large paper plaque designed to be hung on the wall of a synagogue to exhort the congregation to more intense prayer with the traditional verse, Psalm 16:8, "I have set (shiviti) the Lord always before me." The plaque is lavishly decorated in gold and silver ink on a red background, with calligraphed verses and designs including menorahs, hamsas, implements used in the Temple and other symbols. In the center the words of Psalm 67 are written around three menorahs, each enclosed in a decorative arch. Below the menorah are three circles containing blessings. The name Reuven Amar appears below.

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Illustrated Yiddish Books

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Images of Tel Aviv