Judaica Exhibits

Jews of the Maghreb

The History and Culture of North African Jewry

The exhibit is in honor of a symposium on North African Jewry held at Yale University, April 25, 2010. Click here to navigate to symposium site.

Celebrating Tel Aviv

An Exhibit in Honor of its Centennial

Sterling Memorial Library
December 2009-February 2010
Free and Open to the Public

Mikail Magaril, Mestechko

Artist Mikhail Magaril has taken Leo Tolstoy's text and adapted it to images from the Jewish shtetls that once existed in Eastern Europe.

Art of the Ketubah

A Study in Jewish Diversity
Decorated Jewish Marriage Contracts 17th-21st Centuries

Sterling Memorial Library
April 6th-June 30th, 2009

The Passover Haggadah

Modern Art in Dialogue with an Ancient Text

Sterling Memorial Library, Spring 2008

Jewish Workers' Life in America

Pictures of Jewish workers' life in America by B. Weinstein with illustrations by N. Kozlovski.

Yiddish Sheet Music

Images from a collection of Yiddish sheet music at Yale, all of which were published in New York in the early 20th century. The collection consists of several hundred pieces and serves as a testament to the volume and vibrancy of the music of the Eastern European Jewish immigrant community that settled in the Lower East Side.

Life in the Shtetl

Issachar Ryback's Portrayal of Shtetl Life

In this book, the artist depicts scenes of Jewish life in his shtetl in Ukraine before it was destroyed in the pogroms that followed the end of World War I. Ryback drew and painted many of the same subjects favored by Chagall in his early years and a comparison may be made between the two. This is certainly true of Ryback's series of drawings of shtetl life.

The Venice Haggadah of 1609

A Treasure for the Ages

Maimonides Exhibit

An exhibit in commemoration of the 800th anniversary of the death of Moses Maimonides (1138-1204).

Whitney Humanities Center, Fall 2004

Tercentennial Celebration Exhibit

An exhibit in celebration of Yale University's tercentennial.

Sterling Memorial Library, Summer 2001

This exhibit attempts to display the wide range of Judaica collections at the Yale Library. In addition to the items from the Judaica Collection, material from the Map Collection, Arts of the Book, and the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library are also included.

Treasures from the Sholem Asch Collection at Yale

Sholem Asch was one of the best known Yiddish authors of the first half of the twentieth century. His collection of rare books and manuscripts was donated to Yale in 1945. The collection is now housed in the Beinecke library. This exhibit includes a selection of illuminated manuscripts from the Asch Collection.

Sterling Memorial Library, Spring 2000

Yale and the Ancient Holy Land

Archaeology and Exploration in the Yale Collections

Yale University has been involved in the archaeology and exploration of the Near East since the nineteenth century and has built a formidable collection of artifacts from that region. These include seals, oil lamps, figurines, clay tablets, journals, drawings, photographs and much more. A selection from Yale's vast holdings was put on display in the nave of Sterling Memorial Library in honor of the State of Israel's fiftieth anniversary.

Sterling Memorial Library, Spring 1998

You Shall Tell Your Children

The Passover Haggadah in the Yale University Library Collections.

The exhibit includes Haggadot from both the Sterling Memorial Library and Beinecke Library collections. Among them are facsimiles of some of the most famous illustrated Haggadot from the middle ages and a selection of modern Haggadot reflecting current Jewish events and perspectives.

Beinecke Library, Fall 1996

A Great Assemblage

An Exhibit of Judaica in honor of the opening of the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale.

Yale has a proud tradition of collecting Hebraica and Judaica that goes back to its earliest days and continues into the present. It is our hope that this exhibit will present in miniature the depth and richness of Yale's vast Hebraica and Judaica holdings. This exhibit is a joint effort of the many divisions of the Yale University Library that contain Judaica.

Sterling Memorial Library, Fall 1995

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