Opening Session: Moshe Bar-Asher, Chair

Greetings and Opening Remarks:

Steven Fraade, Chair of the Judaic Studies Program, Yale University

Nanette Stahl, Curator of Judaica Collection, Yale University Library


Second Session: Norman Stillman, Chair

Moshe Bar-Asher: "Contemporary Research of North African Jewry"

Joseph Chetrit: "Music as a Bridge between Jews and Muslims in Morocco"

Mohamed Elmedlaoui: "The Maghrebi-Andalusian Exchange in the Fields of Music and Linguistics"

Efraim Hazan: "The Characterization of the Prolonged Exile in the Poetry of Mandil Avi Zimra of Algeria"


Break (Rm. 108)


Third Session: Joseph Chetrit, Chair

Norman Stillman: "A Major New Resource for the Study of Maghrebi Jewry: The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World.

Aharon Maman: "Creativity in Judeo-Maghrebian"

Ofra Tirosh-Becker: "Terms for Realia in an Algerian Judeo-Arabic Translation of the Hosha'not"

Yehudit Henskhe: "Mapping Regional Distinctions: The Hebrew Component of Spoken Tunisian Judeo-Arabic"


Lunch (Rm. 108)


Fourth Session: Aharon Maman, Chair

Jacob Bentolila: "The Register of the Jewish Burial Society in Tetuan"

Simone Mrejen-O'hana: "The Tombstones Written by Rabbi Yosef Messas"

Shalom Bar-Asher: "Lineage and Wealth in Moroccan Jewish Community in Modern Times"

Moshe Amar: "Rabbi Shaul Yeshu'a Abitbol: A Leader of the Community of Sefrou (Morocco) in the Second Half of the 18th Century"