Ketubot from Italy

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Modena, Italy, 1765

Bride: Horpit bat Avraham Ashkenazi
Groom: Aharon ben Yehiel Graziano
Friday, 2 Tamuz 5525 (June 21, 1765)
On vellum

A rectangular frame surrounds the text. Within the frame is a standard decorative inscription from Isaiah 61:10-11a: "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God." The wedding took place on a Friday, a day not commonly used for weddings. However, it may be that since it was followed by the Sabbath, a day when Jews do not travel, this was an opportunity for families to extend the celebration by remaining together longer.

A full size, readable image of this Ketubah is available by following this link to the Beinecke's Digital Image Collection

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