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Internship Program 2009 Fall

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Marje Tamre
September 15 - December 15, 2009

photo of Marje Tamre

The year of 2009 has been economically very complicated to all people, to every country. The situation, caused by the economic recession also in the libraries makes it even more valuable that an intern from the Baltic countries has been invited to Yale Slavic and European Collection of Sterling Memorial Library (SML) this year. I have been fortunate to spend this semester at the second largest university library in the world. For this opportunity I wish to express my deepest respect and gratitude to Dr. Kristaps Keggi, who has so generously funded my stay at Yale, and the Curator of the Slavic & East European Collection at the Yale University Library, Tatjana Lorkovic, who has given her heart to the Baltic Internship Program. I also thank all people mentioned in my diary; without them I would not have learned as much as I did by meeting with them and I would also not have seen as much as I did of the Yale and American library world without their help.

I was the 11th intern from the Baltic countries and the 18th SEEC Fellow since 1993. Personally for me, it has become a fantastic come-back to the library world after being away from library work for quite some years. Libraries are facing new challenges under the new economic situation in Estonia as well as in the United States. My time here at Yale has been the best way to understand how efficiently - even after the budget cuts - the university library can work when the staff is motivated and loves their jobs. It is clear that some parts of the library, despite staff enthusiasm and good will, will not be able to continue as efficiently as the professors from the university expect and need. On a daily basis I worked in the Slavic and European Collection under the kind guidance of Julia Muravnik and William Larsh, who were my teachers for processing the books received from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Ukaine, and Belorussia. I learned about the Voyager Cataloging and Acquisition Modules, OCLC, purchase orders, and different transliteration rules, etc. The Curator, Tatjana Lorkovic, has been indispensable in introducing me to the community of the Yale library, all its departments and libraries, and the university itself. Without Tanja there would not have been the informal morning meetings at the Curators' Round Table or at the Elizabethan Club that were so important about learning about things that are never told during official meetings.

I have been very fortunate to visit a variety of libraries in the Yale University library system: the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, the Babylonian Collection, the African Collection, the Divinity School Library, the Latin American Collection, the Yale Law Library, the Medical Library, and many others. From all people working there I learned about their ways of organizing their work, acquiring the necessary materials for their collections under the current budget restraints. I had also the most wonderful opportunity to visit other large research libraries in the United States of America. Thanks to the arrangements made by my colleagues from the Slavic and European Collection, I was able to visit the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., the Butler Library of Columbia University in New York, and the Widener Library of Harvard University in Boston. In addition to sharing information about everyday working processes and the future perspectives, I also discussed with the librarians of these institutions about potential collaboration plans such as organizing corporate conferences or seminars. We have already established an excellent library exchange relationship between the Yale University Slavic and European Collection of Sterling Memorial Library and the Tallinn University Academic Library. The first box with books will be sent to Yale at the beginning of 2010.

Below is the schedule of activities in which Ms. Tamre participated while at Yale:

1st week, 15-19 Sept
15 Sept - Arrival in New Haven, meeting William Larsh (Polish Selector and Assistant to the Curator), who helped me to find my apartment at 111 Linden Street.
16 Sept - William Larsh showed me the way to the Slavic and European Collection of Sterling Memorial Library (SML). I met my new colleagues: Tatjana Lorkovic (Curator of Slavic and East European Collections), Julia Muravnik (Acquisitions Assistant). William Larsh helped me to pass all necessary procedures: I registered in the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), applied for Yale University Health Insurance, opened a bank account, went to the Yale Tax office and Julia Muravnik introduced me to different reading rooms and places in the SML.
17 Sept - First time on my own to find the Library - got lost in the morning and missed the correct bus stop. I received the first basic introduction to ORBIS database's Voyager Cataloging and Acquisitions modules and OCLC by Julia Muravnik. I started downloading from the OCLC the preliminary bibliographic records for serials that have been received from Tartu University Library as an exchange. I also created the copy records and purchase orders for these dissertations of Tartu University. By the afternoon I received my Yale ID card and became an official member of the community. During the lunch time I had a nice walk around the campus with Julia, sightseeing and admiring the architecture and interior design of the art galleries.
18 Sept - I continued working with the dissertations that were sent by Tartu University Library, downloading the preliminary bibliographic records, creating copy records and purchase orders. Julia Muravnik showed me more of the Yale Campus and the SML itself.
19-20 Sept - The first weekend in the new place, so I used it for taking walks in the neighborhood, getting acquainted with the surroundings around my house. I took a wonderful walk to the East Rock Park, took photos and enjoyed the beautiful warm sunny weekend. I also visited the Farmers Market on State Street.

2nd week, 20-27 Sept
21 Sept - I continued with the exchange materials from Tartu University Library. In the afternoon together with Tatjana Lorkovic we attended the public lecture given by the President of Latvia Valdis Zalters who was visiting Yale University. After the lecture on the reception Tatjana Lorkovic introduced to me Helen Eenmaa who is doing here doctoral thesis at Yale University Law School.
22 Sept - I finished downloading the bibliographic records, creating copy records and purchase orders for the books received from an interlibrary exchange partner - Tartu University Library. After that I started working and creating preliminary bibliographic records on the Estonian history books that were purchased from Teek Ltd. I also had the great opportunity to meet Ann Okerson (Associate of University Librarian for Collections and International Programs).
23 Sept - I attended the instructional session for employees of the Yale University Library about promotion planning. Joan Swanekamp (Director of the Technical Services) was talking about the procedure, necessary documents and deadlines for the employees, their supervisors and department heads. Later on during the day Julia Muravnik instructed me on cataloging Lithuanian books, received from Prof. Tomas Venclova. I also created the preliminary bibliographic records for books received as an exchange from the National Library of Lithuania.
24 Sept - I attended the meeting Cooperative Collection Development that was organized by the Yale University Library and moderated by Ann Okerson. The main speaker on the seminar was Martha Brogen (Associate University Librarian for Collection, University of Pennsylvania). She introduced BorrowDirect and the results of the survey, carried out on the usage of the system. Additionally, to the representatives From Yale University Library there were also guests from Brown University and Long Island University. The perspectives and the future of the mutual collaboration between university libraries under current economic situation were also discussed on this meeting. In the afternoon Tanja Lorkovic invited me to the party dedicated to the anniversary of the Lewis Walpole Library in Farmington, CT hosted by Margaret Powell (Director of Lewis Walpole Library). We with Andrea Feldman (researcher from Croatia), Julie Niemeyer and Kendall Crilly (the Program Development & Research Department) got the excellent chance to enjoy the interior of the library, good food and wonderful company. We also enjoyed the exhibition Works of Genius: Amateur Artists in Walpole's Circle. On our way back to New Haven Ken was so very kind to drive through Hartford so that I could see the early evening lights of the downtown
25 Sept - Julia Muravnik taught me how to create full records from the preliminary order records. I was working on the books received from Natalja Kozmenko, a book supplier from Russia. I was downloading the full bibliographic records on Russian books from OCLC and replacing the preliminary order records in Voyager with the full bibliographic records. Helen Eenmaa came to meet me and we spent a wonderful time at our coffee break, discussing the issues back home and worldwide.
26 Sept - Attended with William Larsh the BBQ picnic in the East Rock Park organized by YANIS (Russian Club of Yale Students) - a multi-cultural club of students from many different newly independent states (former Soviet Republics) who are interested in Russian culture, heritage and language. Later, Bill showed me the way to the top of the East Rock, what was much harder that I could have expected. Fortunately, there was a much easier way down.
27 Sept - the first Sunday full of rain, so perfect time to be spent with my book, Brigadoon and all the previous series of Mad Men (3 Emmy Awards in 2009).

3rd week, 28 Sept-4 Oct
28 Sept - I had a meeting and the tour in Manuscripts and Archives. Nancy Lyon (Archivist) talked about the work that is done in Manuscripts and Archives how the books are organized in the department, how the reader services are handled, were the archival materials are kept, how the readers get the books from the Library Shelving Facilities (LSF)and what is the procedure of sending these materials back.
29 Sept - Attended an information session where Ann Snoeyenbos (Sales Coordinator, International and Special Markets, Project MUSE,JHU Press)who was applying to the position of Electronic Collections Librarian gave an introductory talk on "Current and Future Trends in Electronic Collections". We with Julia also went to get our flu vaccination. In the afternoon I had an appointment with Richard Warren (Curator Historical Sound & American Musical Theatre Music Library). He and Nicole Rodriguez (Lib Srvcs Asst Lib Historical Sound) were showing me the Music Library, its rich collections and wonderful reading room. I also got to listen to the old music recordings of their collection.
30 Sept - Working on the books received from Kozmenko. In the afternoon I met Carolyn Engelhardt (Director of Ministry Resource Center Divinity Library) who came to meet me at the Lecture Hall of Sterling memorial Library and took me to the Yale Divinity School where she showed me the Ministry Resource Center, giving the details about what the center does for the community. Later on I met with Paul Stuehrenberg (Divinity School Librarian) who took me to the tour in the facilities, showing the library and the campus, giving an interesting overview about the collections and the services that library offers.
1 Oct - Working on the books received from Kozmenko, downloading the records from the OCLC, creating item records and filling in the purchase orders. I also had lunch with Graziano Kratli (International Program Support Librarian). After work I attended with Julia a short concert in the Sterling Memorial Library nave on the occasion of Yale Whiffenpoof's Centennial Reunion.
2 Oct - Continued working with books from Kozmenko. I attended the Library facilities tour guided by Graziano for the professors from different universities at Yale. Met Helen again and she introduced Sander Heinsalu to, another doctoral student from Estonia at Yale University. We went together to the every months gathering of master and doctoral level students in the Hall of Graduate Studies.
3 Oct - Saturday, a day for doing some household chores. I also took a walk in the East Rock area and visited Peabody Museum of Natural Art.
4 Oct - wonderful sunny Sunday went for a walk and ended up in the Great Opening Party at Orange Market on Orange Street where all participants, selling people and visitors enjoyed good Italian food and reggae music.

4th week, 5 Oct - 11 Oct
5 Oct - I attended the presentation of The Yale Finding Aid Database- it a joint presentation by the Finding Aids Coordinating Committee and the Library Information Technology Office. In the afternoon Angela Mosconi (an intern at the Library Human Resource Department) drove me to the LSF where we had a very interesting tour, seeing how this depository works, the conditions the books are kept in, how the books get into the LSF and how they get sent back to the library if requested. In the evening I attended the opening of an exhibition titled "Transforming the Human Spirit" accompanied by a dialogue with Hiroshima survivor, Setsuko Thurlow. It was organized by the Living Buddhism Organization, a student group of Soka Gakkai.
6 Oct - I was working on my diary and processing the books received from Kozmenko. I also processed the lists of duplicate offers from Brown University Library (?????) as an addition to the SML collections for missing copies of the Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.
Oct 7 - I went to listen to Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, talk about Wikipedia, its purpose, its criticisms, and its place in the academic/human sphere. Back in 2001, this idea sounded crazy, but Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger decided to give it a try. Eight years later, their creation has become the largest general reference collection on the internet.
Oct 8 - Processing books from Kozmenko
Oct 9 - Open House Hours for Parents Weekend. Parents of the students (mostly parents of Freshmen and Sophomores) visiting Yale University, including the Slavic Reading Room where Julia gave a speech about "Treasures of the Slavic And East European Collection at Yale".
Attended the lecture at Peabody Museum "The Most Famous of Beginnings: The Columbian Encounter, Exchange and Conquest" by Yale Professor of History and American Studies Ned Blackhawk. Visited the New Haven Museum and met James Campbell (Librarian & Curator of Manuscripts) who showed me the early maps of New Haven and talked about the early days of New Haven.
Oct 10 - Celebration of North American Native Cultures at Peabody Museum of Natural History, as 2009 is the year of focus on North American Native peoples. The crafts and games were organized for children. I listened to the performance by Grammy-nominated Native American flute player Joseph Fire Crow and attended the Native American storytelling by Erin Lamb-Meeches.
Oct 11 - The Columbus Day. Wonderful walks in the neighborhood where I live, East Rock Park, downtown, meeting and communicating with locals, visited the new exhibition at Peabody Museum "Disease Detectives" and "Solving the Puzzle: Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus and You".

5th week, 12 Oct - 18 Oct
Oct 12 - I was having meetings with members of Library Human Resources: Amy Burlingame (Library Human Resources Staffing Representative and Supervisor), Bernadette Cioffi (Human Resources Generalist), and Ernie Scrivani (Staff Training and Organizational Development Manager). I was also copying the bibliographic records from ESTER to Voyager, creating item records and filling the purchase order for Estonian books received from Teek Ltd., the vendor in Estonia.
Oct 13 - A very busy and important day for me: I received my Social Security Number. Attended an information session where Melissa Wisner (Production Systems Manager, Information Technology Office, Yale University Library), who was interviewed for the position of Electronic Collections Librarian (III-IV). She gave an introductory talk on "Current and Future Trends in Electronic Collections". I also attended the talk by Gordon Turnbull, General Editor of the Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell, on "The Life of Johnson: The Director's Cut." After the talk I enjoyed the accompanying exhibition, "Really As It Was: Writing the Life of Samuel Johnson", curated by Diane Ducharme and Kathryn James, this exhibition explores the ways in which Johnson was remembered and re-invented after his death, most famously in The Life of Johnson, by Johnson's long-time friend, James Boswell. I also enjoyed an exhibition of the collection "The Postwar Avant-Garde and the Culture of Protest, 1945 to 1968 and Beyond" In the evening there was a presentation organized by The European Studies Council, The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures & The Yale Polish Society present "How it Cracked and Crumbled: The Fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe Twenty Years Later". Adam Michnik Opposition leader in communist Poland & Editor, "Gazetta Wyborcza" and Piotr Sommer Poet & Editor, "Literatura na Swiecie" met with students, professors and Polish community in New Haven.
Oct 14 - Bill took me to the Tax Office to fill in some tax papers that depend on the Social Security Number I received yesterday. I had a meeting with Diane Turner (Associate University Librarian for Human Resources, Organizational Development and Community Relations). And during the day I was processing the books in Russian and Ukrainian sent by East View Information Services.
Oct 15 - The whole day full of library work - creating the records and purchase orders for books in Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian, received from East View Information Services. We also had a nice coffee break with Helen.
Oct 16 - My trip to the Columbia University Library in New York. I was cordially met by Robert H. Davis at the entrance of the Butler Library. Mr. Davis had prepared a meticulous program for the day of my stay at Columbia. I had a tour of Butler Library, visiting the Bakhmeteff Archive/Rare Book Library, specialized reading rooms, reference sections, stacks and acquisitions/cataloging departments in there. I also visited the Lehman Library and Avery Art & Architectural Library.
Oct 17 - Taking a day off and resting, since I arrived from New York quite late at night.
Oct 18 - Trip to New York with Helen, a sightseeing and shopping tour.

6th week, 19 Oct - 25 Oct
Oct 19 - Attended an information session where Colleen Major (Networked Electronic Resources Librarian, Columbia University)who was applying to the position of Electronic Collections Librarian (III-IV) gave an introductory talk on "Current and Future Trends in Electronic Collections". We had coffee with Angela. All the rest of the day I was processing the books from East View Information Services and working on my diary. Tanja invited me to the lecture and dinner at Pierson College, she is the Fellow of the College.
Oct 20 - Attended a short tour to the Social Science Library's space and collections. During the lunch hour the head of Physical
Therapy at the Yale Health Center, Michael Goulet, gave a power point presentation about our expectations of and misconceptions about exercise. He talked about frequency, duration and types of exercise and how to begin a program. In the afternoon SCOPA, the Standing Committee on Professional Awareness presented in honor of Halloween season, a series of "Odd Object Tours". On "Odd Object Tour" #1 in SML Manuscripts and Archives Judith Schiff showed and talked about objects in the library collections that were related to Yale's Secret Societies, the most famous of which is Skull & Bones Society. Before the end of the working day I had a wonderful chance to talk to Ann Okerson (Associate of University Librarian for Collections and International Programs) and was talking a little about budgets and how decisions are made about effecting collections reductions. During the working day I was creating preliminary records to Latvian books from the Latvian vendor "Janis Roze" SIA.
Oct 21 - I attended with Julia The Women's Health and Wellness Fair in the President's Room of Woolsey Hall. Everyone had the chance for free refreshments, a chair massage, Reiki therapy, book signings, book sellers, natural products, etc. October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to learn about women's cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. In the afternoon there was the "Odd Object Tour" #2 organized by SCOPA in honor of Halloween season. Ellen Ellickson presented objects from the Beinecke's collection. During the day I continued with my working assignments on creating preliminary records to Latvian books from "Janis Roze" SIA. We discussed with Tanja the subject librarianship and the tasks of subject librarians in the Slavic Department at the tea in the Elizabethan Club.
Oct 22 - Continued the work on Latvian books from "Janis Roze" SIA and creating the preliminary records, item records for the books from Estonian vendor Tartu Ylikooli Raamatupood. During the day I was also happy to read interesting articles e-books and digital curation. The WSJ published an article discussing some digital preservation issues in light of the Microsoft's recent data loss of customers' data.  In the afternoon Julia invited me to the monthly Staff Tea in the Sterling Memorial Library Spoon, hosted by Alice Prochaska (University Librarian).
Oct 23 - I had an excellent chance to meet with Alan Solomon (Head Research Service Collection Librarian) and his staff members. I had a great opportunity to attend their department meeting which helped me to understand more clearly the Sterling Memorial Library where I had spent one third of my intern's time already. During the day I continued working on books from Estonia, from Tartu Ylikooli Raamatupood and Teek Ltd. In the evening I was enjoying the music in the Woolsy Hall - the Philharmonia Orchestra of Yale played the music of Brahms and Mahler.
Oct 24 - awfully rainy day, too much rain for going out, so I stayed home, reading and watching TV.
Oct 25 - "Harvest Festival" in Yale Farm. This event includes workday projects, pumpkin carving and Halloween food.

7th week, 26 Oct - 1 Nov
Oct 26 - Processing books from Estonia (Tartu Ylikooli Raamatupood and Teek Ltd.) and updating my diary. Attended the discussion of the article "Material Literacy: Reading Records as Material Culture"
by Ala Rekrut, who is the Chief of Preservation Services at the Archives of Manitoba.  In this article, Rekrut links archival theory with modern conservation and museological theory and practice to explore the materiality of records and their meaning as artifacts and to highlight the need for material literacy in archives.
Oct 27 - Creating the preliminary records, item records and purchase orders for Lithuanian books from UAB "Humanitas". Natalia Sciarini (Access Services Assistant, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library) showed me around the Beinecke Library, talking about the architecture of this unique building, history of the collections, and the procedures of the usage of the library. Later on I attended the presentation of Diane Ducharme (Archivist, Beinecke Library) "Romantick family solemnity": the biographer as Laird of Auchinleck. I also enjoyed the book exhibitions about the birds in America and the two faximile copies of Guttenberg Bible.
Oct 28 - I had a very enlightening meeting with Joanne Rudof (Archivist Holocaust Archives, Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies). Joanne showed me the complication of the bibliographical description of testimonies, she talked about the emotional difficulties in creation of the annotations of the talks of the holocaust survivors. So, it was even more appreciated to listen to beautiful music by Jean Françaix, Jurg Kindle, Camille Saint-Saëns and Paul Hindemith at the Center for British Art (regular Lunchtime Chamber Music program).
I was also working on Lithuanian books from UAB "Humanitas".
Oct 29 - A very interesting tour to the Babylonian Collection and a meeting with Ulla Kasten (Associated Curator). The Babylonian Collection houses the largest assemblage of cuneiform inscriptions in the United States. The bulk of the inscriptions consist of clay tablets in all sizes and shapes. I had the fascinating chance to keep in my hands some of these ancient clay tablets.
Oct 30 - I was meeting with Susanne Roberts at the Wall Street door, she took me to Review Plaza and showed me the work that she as a subject librarian is doing on reviewing books. I had the chance to see the contrast between the old and new ways of doing this review. I spent my working day on processing the Lithuanian books from UAB "Humanitas".
We had a very nice lunch with Dr. Kristaps Keggi, donor of the Yale Baltic Library Internship and an eminent doctor in the field of orthopedics, and Tatjana Lorkovic. For the evening I had the ticket to Yale School of Drama that presented "Phedre" by Jean Racine. It was a lovely evening in the theatre together with Helen and Brian.
Oct 31 - I spent the most of my day in the Peabody Museum where they had a special program called "The Natural History of Witches and Wizards: A Peabody Halloween". There were craft activities where everyone could make their own owl mask or bat, Wizard's Corner with a display of some of the Museum's specimens and Live Owl Presentations
Nov 1 - party at Tanja's place. Ellen Hammond has kindly agreed to take me and Youngaie Kim to Tanja's place in Gilmore.

8th week, 2 Nov - 8 Nov
Nov 2 - I was working on Finnish books that were received from the exchange partner in Finland.
Nov 3 - I had a meeting with Cesar Rodriguez (Curator) who gave me an overview of the Latin American Collection. We were discussing the acquisition policies, subject librarians work procedures and I got the chance to meet with all the staff of Latin American Collection.
Nov 4 - We had an appointment with Graziano and we were working on my profile and how it would be posted on the Library's website. It was one of my unlucky days with some sort of virus.
Nov 5 - I had a meeting with Ellen Hammond (Curator, East Asia Library). Ellen was talking to me and Youngaie Kim (visiting librarian from Korea) the current situation and the future trends about the subject librarians' tasks and expectations from the subject librarians in the universities of the USA.
Nov 6 - Attended an information session where Sara Washington, a candidate for Western European Languages and Literature, Research Services & Collections, was giving a presentation how to find information from Library resources on Dante and La Divina Commedia. We had a beautiful tour in the St. Mary's Church with Julia. Tanja invited me to the tea in the beautiful Elizabethan Club where I also had a chance to see the collections of the first editions of the plays and poetry written by William Shakespeare. I spent my evening in the concert at Woolsey Hall - Symphony of Meditations: Symphony no.3 by Aaron Jay Kernis.
Nov 7 - Making preparations for the trip to Washington, DC, taking a walk in the neighborhood (East Rock Park is beautiful at this time of the year!).
Nov 8 - I was taking a train to Washington, DC. After I got settled in a lovely hotel Capitol Hill suites, I was spending the rest of the evening walking around in the DC, the Mall, Smithsonian Institute's beautiful gardens, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and having one of the best dinners at Sonoma Restaurant on Pennsylvania Ave in the best company.

9th week, 9 Nov - 15 Nov
Nov 9 - Meetings and touring in the Library of Congress. I was so lucky to meet so many very interesting and professional colleagues in the Library of Congress: Mr Grant Harris from the European Division; Ms Lucy Barron, Ms Linda Stubbs and Ms Kersti Blumenthal from the Germanic and Slavic Division - Scandinavia, Baltic and Central Germanic Section; Mr Joseph Puccio from the Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate; and Mr Michael Neubert from the Digital Conversion Team. This all would not have happened if there was not been the one very important lady, Taru Spiegel (Reference Specialist at the European Division) who had organized and planned my whole stay in the Library of Congress, who was following precisely my schedule so that everything was going according to the plan. We had a nice lunch at the Library of Congress Café with Taru Spiegel and Kersti Blumenthal, so we could also discuss the future perspectives about the exchange between two libraries. In the evening I was sightseeing in Georgetown, shopping in Black and White and enjoying a tasty dinner at one of the American type taverns in Georgetown. Funny, but delicious!
Nov 10 - Taru met me at the entrance of the Madison Building and guided me to the day's sessions and meetings. I had meetings with Ms Keri Price from the U.S./Anglo Division, Mr Steven Herman and his colleagues from the Collections Access, Loan and Management Divisions and Ms Susan Morris from the Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate. The day passed so fast and already in the early afternoon I had to take a long way back from Washington, DC to New Haven.
Nov 11 - Working on my diary and processing the books received from the East View Information Services and Kozmenko.
Nov 12 - Working on my diary and processing the books received from the East View Information Services and Kozmenko. Having lunch with Helen in Atticus and meeting her friend Soozie Schneider, a truly devoted lover of Moscow and Estonia. Hopefully, we will get the chance to meet again in Tallinn. I also attended the lecture "The Most Stolen Artwork in History: The Crimes and Mysteries of the Ghent Altarpiece". Noah Charney (art historian, founding director of the Association for Research into Crimes against Art and a writer) presented a lecture on Jan van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece, the world's most frequently stolen artwork, involved in thirteen different crimes since its creation in 1432. I also visited the exhibition "Continuous Present" at Yale University Art Gallery. The exhibition features a selection of work by 11 of today's most compelling contemporary artists working in a broad array of media, including film, video, photography, painting and sculpture. The artists chosen for the show -- Francis Alÿs, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Rodney Graham, Roni Horn, On Kawara, Thomas Nozkowski, Gabriel Orozco, Laura Owens, Dieter Roth and Franz West -- share a keen interest in time and sensory perception despite the aesthetic diversity of their practices.
Nov 13 - Working on my diary and processing the books received from the East View Information Services and Kozmenko. I was also attending the keynote session of the conference "Futurismo/Futurizm: The Futurist Avant-Garde in Italy and Russia", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the publication of Filippo Marinetti's founding manifesto of Italian Futurism. Marjorie Perloff (Stanford University) was speaking about "The Audacity of Hope: Futurist Aura and National Difference in the Early Manifestos".

10th week, 16 Nov - 22 Nov
Nov 16 - I was working on books received from Kozmenko. I had a coffee and lunch with Julia and I was making suggestions for the future meetings at SML.
Nov 17 - Tanja brought me the materials of the Conference of American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, what she attended last week, the minutes of the Meeting of the East Coast Slavic Consortium that took place in Spring 2009, and also some interesting articles about the research materials and security guidelines in special collections, published in November in College and Research Libraries News. We with Julia went to a monthly staff tea in the Sterling Memorial Library Spoon. In the evening the Yale Collegium Musicum performed in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library Elizabethan music both festive and melancholy, from art songs by Dowland and Byrd to musical tales by anonymous balladeers - including sung jigs choreographed by early dance specialist Caroline Copeland. The concert featured works by Ravenscroft and Morley drawn from the Beinecke Library's collection.
Nov 18 - I was working on the books received from Kozmenko. I also visited the art lecture at the Yale University Art Gallery "Painters and Patrons in Ming-Dynasty China". In the evening there was a concert "The Characters of the Dance" in the Sprague Memorial Hall (Morse Recital Hall) of the Baroque Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Robert Mealy. The music of Bach and Rameau was in the program.
Nov 19 - I was processing the books received from an exchange partner in Finland and from Kozmenko. I also visited the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library were I was met by Allen Townsend (Director) who took me to the most memorable tour in his library. In the afternoon I attended a very interesting and challenging gathering of the Yale Archival Reading Group (YARG) where the article by Lewis, David W. "A Strategy for Academic Libraries in the First Quarter of the 21st Century," College & Research Libraries 68 (5): 418-434 was explored. In the evening I went to the concert in the Sprague Memorial Hall (Morse Recital Hall) "New Music New Haven" where the music of young faculty composer Jack Vees and his piece "Party Talk," as well as Chris Cerrone's "Invisible Cities," Jordan Kuspa's Piano Trio and Feinan Wang's "Pisces Monodrama" Chapter VII were performed.
Nov 20 - I was processing the Belorussian books received from East View Information Services. Attended an information session where Lidia Uziel, a candidate for Western European Languages and Literature, Research Services & Collections, was giving a presentation how to find information from Library resources on Dante and La Divina Commedia. In the afternoon we with Julia went to the Artist's Talk and the opening of the photo exhibition "Capturing the Inaccessible" in the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library. The exhibition of aerial photography by noted photographer Robert B. Haas is on view includes both published and unpublished photographs. It was also the night of Yale and Harvard football game and Yale-Harvard Joint Glee Club Concert which I was lucky to listen in the Woolsy Hall. It was the whole evening of pure joy of music, being young, being happy.

11th week, 23 Nov - 29 Nov
Nov 23 - Beginning from today, Julia Muravnik is not working in the Slavic Reading Room. The whole morning I was working on my diary, writing and answering the e-mails, checking the Amtrak schedule to Boston. Also processing the books received from Kozmenko. In the afternoon I had a meeting with Carol Jones (Head of Document Delivery) and we discussed the interlibrary loan systems. Carol showed me how BorrowDirect works and how simple it is to order a book from other university libraries. We agreed about the potential interlibrary loan openings between Yale University Library and Tallinn University Academic library.
Nov 24 - I was processing books from Kozmenko.
Nov 25 - I was creating preliminary records for materials received from Tartu University Library as an exchange.
Nov 26 - Thanksgiving! I was invited by Hannah Farley for the Thanksgiving meal in the afternoon and spent the wonderful time With Hannah and Peter, his parents and their friends. We all enjoyed very delicious meal and interesting talks.
Nov 27 - Black Friday!
Nov 28 - Kevin took me to Westfield to Connecticut Post for Christmas shopping. I bought almost everything that I needed for presents to take back home with me.

12th week, 30 Nov - 6 Dec
Nov 30 - I took early in the morning Amtrak to Boston, to Harvard College Library. I arrived to the Harvard College Widener Library by 11 in the morning and was met by Bradley Schaffner (Head of the Slavic Division, Widener Library). We were discussing different acquisition matters, including the collection budgets and the cuts of the budgets. Brad explained the complicated system of Harvard libraries. I had a wonderful chance to meet most of the librarians from the Slavic Division. I also met Anna Rakityanskaya (the Librarian for Russia, the Baltic States and other countries of the FSU (excluding Ukraine) and Alison Scott (Senior Collection Development Librarian, and Charles Warren Bibliographer for American History, Librarian for North America. For the afternoon Brad had organized the tour in the Houghton Library (old and rare books collections). The collections of the Houghton Library focus on the study of Western civilization; they own the materials relating to American, Continental, and English history and literature.
Dec 1 - I was working on books bought from Teek Ltd (Estonia). In the afternoon I went to the lecture "Reading and Identity" that was part of the Beinecke Lectures in the History of the Book Series. The lecture was given by Alice Prochaska who has been the Yale University Librarian since 2001, before which she was the Director of Special Collections of the British Library. Having received her undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Somerville College, Oxford, she will be returning to her alma mater as Principal in 2010.
Dec 2 - I was working on Ukrainian books from East View Information Services, also creating preliminary records for Estonian books purchased from Teek Ltd.
Dec 3 - More books from East View Information Services, in Ukrainian and Belorussian; correcting the spelling mistakes on Voyager, creating purchase orders. Before lunch Tanja and me, we went to the exhibition tour at Yale Center of British Art - "Horace Walpoles Strawberry Hill". This exhibition seeks to evoke the breadth and importance of Walpole's collections at Strawberry Hill by reassembling an astonishing variety of his objects, including rare books and manuscripts, antiquities, paintings, prints and drawings, furniture, ceramics, arms and armor, and curiosities. These will be drawn from international public and private collections as well as those of the Center and Yale's Lewis Walpole Library in Farmington, Connecticut. In the afternoon also the conference "After the Great War: European Film in 1919" began. I was watching the French film "Tih Minh" (1919) by Louis Feuillade.
Dec 4 - Still working on Ukrainian and Belorussian books purchased from East View Information Services. In the afternoon we went with Tanja to the film conference for Russian/Soviet Union film program. They were showing the films "Proekt inzhenera Prayta (The Project of Engineer Prite), 1918 by Lev Kuleshov, "Tovarishch Abram" (Comrade Abram), 1919 by Alexander Razumni and "L'angoissante aventure" (The Agonizing Adventure), 1919/1920 by Yakov Protazanov. I also stayed for the Postwar German film program: Documentary Footage of November Revolution and "Die Austernprinzessin" (The Oyster Princess), 1919 by Ernst Lubitsch. In the evening I went to the concert of the Yale Concert Band in the Woolsy Hall. The music of Leonard Bernstein, Peter Child, Percy Aldridge Grainger, Cindy Mc Tee, Rex Isenberg, Dmitri Shostakovich and George Gershwin was in program.
Dec 5 - I spent the biggest part of my day on the film conference, attending another French film program "Towards a New Film Culture". They were showing "Rose-France" (1918) by Marcel L'Herbier, "La Fête Espagnole" (Spanish Fiesta0, 1919 by Louis Delluc and Germaine Dulac, and "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" (The Beautiful Lady Without Pity), 1919/1920 by Germaine Dulac.

13th week, 7 Dec - 13 Dec
Dec 7 - I visited the African Collection. Dorothy Woodson (Curator) showed me the reference collection and explained the acquisition procedures and some difficulties that they have in processing the books in so many different African languages. What diversity indeed! But it is so very interesting to work with all these different countries, people and books. In the afternoon I visited the circulation services. Bradley Warren (Head of Access Services, Sterling Memorial and Bass Libraries) gave me a tour in the Sterling Memorial Library. During the day I also continued the everyday work on new arrivals from East View Information Services.
Dec 8 - I visited Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. Charles Greenberg (Coordinator, Curriculum and Research Support, Program Development and Research) showed me around in the library, explained the procedures and introduced his colleagues to me. Charlie took me to all the reading rooms and also to the different stacks areas and also introduced to me the historical medical collection of the library. We had lunch together and he invited me to the library's Christmas party that happened to take place in the afternoon. Later, Tanja invited me to the tea at the Elizabethan Club, and I was having interesting chats with two elderly couple about music, New Haven, history and political situation of Estonia.
Dec 9 - In the morning I was visiting Lillian Goldman Law Library (in memory of Sol Goldman). Femi Cadmus from the Administration showed me the library procedures and facilities, collections, reading rooms and also introduced her colleagues to me. In the afternoon I was attending the presentation of LibGuides ReFresher. Mazen Khoury, from Springshare, the company that produces LibGuides, demonstrated current features, new and upcoming features, including LibAnswers and CampusGuide to Yale librarians. For the evening Tanja invited me to the Christmas party at the Pierson College.
Dec 10 - I had a very useful meeting in the Electronics Collections with Nisa Bakkalbasi (Head of Electronic Collections) who shared with me the job that she and her department is doing, also the problems and concerns about the future developments of electronic information, the complication of managing the licensing, usage statistics and the archiving the electronically purchased journals and e-books. I was also briefly introduced with the ERM system VERDE that Yale libraries use for electronic recourses management and the two archive and digital preservation databases Portico and Lockss. I also had the most wonderful chance to sit next to every member of this department and get a short overview about the tasks that they need to follow on daily-bases. I had a very nice lunch at Gourmet Haven with my very dear new friend from SML Hannah. During my day I also created preliminary records for the books in Latvian, received as an exchange from the National Library of Latvia, and books bought from Kozmenko.
Dec 11 - I was creating the preliminary records for these books that we will send to the Slavic Department for the Tallinn University Academic Library as an exchange, also correcting the records and making purchase orders for Ukrainian books received from the East View Information Services. Patricia Thurston (Team Leader and Cataloging Librarian) came to the Slavic Reading Room and took me to the tour to the Catalog & Metadata Services. Patricia explained to me the workflows and procedures of the Cataloging Department and also took me to the books in the back log and front log and explained the reason why books are kept so. Tony Oddo (Team Leader for the Original Cataloging Team) showed me how to work with the database of LC subject headings and classification numbers. I was also introduced to the current and future electronic developments in cataloging and beyond it, including the system of Topic modeling. In the afternoon I met with Susan Tucker (Team Leader for the Order Support Team) in the Acquisitions Department. Susan explained me the work that the Acquisition, Department does and how they work together with subject librarians from different units. Susan took me to the tour in her department and so I got the overview how the orders come in, how the invoices get paid, and how the books and other items get sent out to different locations in Yale library system. We had a cordial farewell lunch with Tanja, Dorothy and bill at the nice pizza restaurant near the library, and for the evening Tanja invited me and Bill to the Christmas party of the Slavic Department. It was nice to meet there also most of the students who work in the Slavic Reading Room.
Dec 12 - Hannah took me to Hamden where at Marshall's I bought an extra suitcase, so that there would be no problems at the airport because of the weight of my luggage. I also did a little bit of cleaning and packing.

14th week, 14 Dec - 15 Dec
Dec 14 - My last working day in Slavic and European Collection. I have finished my report about my stay at Yale. Tanja invited me for the coffee with the Curators of different collections. I finished the work with books from East View Information Services.
Dec 15 - In the morning I cleaned the flat on Linden Street, did the laundry, I finished packing and at noon the Connecticut Express arrived and I was taken from New Haven to JFK, for my homeward flight to Estonia.