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Microform Collection: Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State

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Published: [Cambridge, England] : State Archival Service of Russia [and] Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace in association with Chadwyck-Healey Ltd., 1993-2004.

The State Archival Service of the Russian Federation (Rosarkhiv), the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and Chadwyck-Healey concluded an agreement in April 1992 to microfilm the records and opisi (finding aids) of the Communist Party of the former Soviet Union, as well as other selected holdings of the State Archives. We are pleased to present to the library and scholarly communities the project catalogue, which lists microfilms produced by the project and made available to date.

The project has three components: (1) the development of an archival and scholarly exchange program to benefit Russian studies; (2) the preservation of approximately 25 million sheets of archival documentation on microfilm; and (3) the distribution of the microfilm for scholarly research. Rosarkhiv is producing the microfilm with financial resources provided by the Hoover Institution. The microfilm is being published by Rosarkhiv and the Hoover Institution and distributed by Chadwyck-Healey.

Rosarkhiv and the Hoover Institution have established an Editorial Board of six scholars, which has made the selection of materials for filming. Board members include three persons representing Rosarkhiv (Prof. Rudolf G. Pikhoia, Prof. Nikolai N. Pokrovskii, and Col. Gen. Dmitri Volkogonov) and three scholars representing the Hoover Institution (Dr Robert Conquest, Dr John Dunlop, and Prof. Terence Emmons). Professor Pikhoia, who is chairman of Rosarkhiv, also chairs the Editorial Board. Dr Jana Howlett, University lecturer in the Department of Slavonic Studies at Cambridge University, is the project consultant, and serves as an ex officio member of the Editorial Board.

The selection of materials for filming is based on two principal criteria. First, the project is giving priority to the records of the highest policy-making organs of the Communist Party. Second, the project is filming record series in their entirety, rather than disparate files or documents selected on the basis of subject content.

The project is intended to enhance access to the newly opened Russian archives as well as to preserve them for future research. Complete sets of the microfilm will be deposited with Rosarkhiv for use by scholars in Russia, and at the Hoover Institution for use by scholars in the United States. In addition to this catalogue, a list of materials included in the project will be posted electronically with frequent updates on the Hoover Institution's World Wide Web server. The URL for the Hoover Institution is http://www.hoover.org .

More detailed information about this collection is available online from ProQuest. .

Description: 11,000 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

Local notes: First 496 reels of Yale's set is located in Microtext Room.

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LOCATION: SML, Microform (Non-Circulating)
CALL NUMBER: Film B18702
Notes: Reels containing the microfilmed archival finding guides (TsKhSD Finding Aids) Film no.1.12-film no.1.13, (TsKhSD Finding Aids) Film no.1.988, (RTsKhIDNI Finding Aids) Film no.2.1-film no.2.55, (GARF Finding Aids) Film no.3.1-film no.3.228, (GARF Finding Aids) Film no.3.230-film no.3.395. These reels are located in the SML Microform Reading Room.

Location: SML, Microform (Non-Circulating) Call Number: Film B18702A Notes: non-circulating Library has: reel 497-reel 11,000. Film reels for the finding aids located in SMLMIC. Film reels for archival documents located at LSF. For assistance with requests for specific film reels, contact the Slavic & East European Reading Room for access to the printed guide. SML 406, (203) 432-1861. For security reasons, a maximum of 20 reels may be recalled at one time.

Location: LSF, Microform (Non-Circulating) Call Number: Z2519 .A73 2004 (LC)+ Oversize Printed finding guide

Location: SML, Slavic & East European Reference, Room 406 (Non-Circ) Call Number: Z2519 .A73 2002 (LC)+ Oversize Printed finding guide

Location: SML, Slavic & East European Reference, Room 406 (Non-Circ) Call Number: Z2519 .A73 2004 (LC)+ Oversize Printed finding guide