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Selected Bibliography of English-language Print Resources for Estonia

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The Research Guide contains selected bibliographies of English-language print resources for Slavic and East European regions. The bibliographies are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather as starting points for researchers. The resources listed are available in the Yale University Libraries. For availability of the listed titles as well as vernacular resources, check the library catalog Orbis. Click on a country above to see its research guide.

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Bibliographies, catalogs and finding aids

A bibliography of English-language sources on Estonia: periodicals, bibliographies, pamphlets, and books [by] Marju Rink Parming and Tönu Parming. New York, Estonian Learned Society in America, 1974. 72 p.
Location: SML, Z2533 P37 (LC)

A bibliography of works published by Estonian historians in exile 1945-1969; history, archaeology, history of art, music, the Church and law. Stockholm, Institutum Litterarum Estonicum, 1969. 56 p.
Location: SML, Yale Classification Call Number: Xn60 A5 969R

A bibliography of works published by Estonian philologists in exile 1944-1970: linguistics, history of literature, theatre. Stockholm, 1971. 117 p.
Location: LSF- click "Place Requests" for delivery to any Yale library, r: X698 971R

Estonian SSR, a reference book / Endel Vanatoa. Tallinn : Perioodika, 1987. 30 p.
Location: LSF- click "Place Requests" for delivery to any Yale library, HA1448 E8 V3613 1987 (LC)


Estonia : a land of human dimensions / [editor, Vano Allsalu]. Tallinn : UP Publishers, 2000.  149 p.
Location: SML, DK503.25 .E87 2000+ Oversize (LC)

Estonia and the Estonians / Toivo U. Raun. Edition: 2nd updated ed. Stanford, Calif. : Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, 2001. 366 p.
Location: SML, DK503.54 R38 2001 (LC)

Arts, Language & Literature

Basic course in Estonian / by Felix J. Oinas. 4th ed. Bloomington : Indiana University, 1975.  398 p.
Location: LSF- click "Place Requests" for delivery to any Yale library, PH610 O35 1975+ Oversize (LC)

The development of written Estonian. Bloomington, Indiana University [1968]. 120 p.
Location: SML, Yale Classification Call Number: Ft11 In24 90

The devil’s wedding and other legends about Tallinn / [compiled by Isidor Goldman & Priit Kaldoja ; translated from the Estonian by Marta Tüüak]. 3rd ed. Tallinn : Periodika, 1994. 60 p.
Location: SML, GR203 T3513 1994 (LC)

Estonian customs and traditions / [compiled by Ülo Tedre ; translated from the Estonian by Victoria Hain and Kristi Tarand]. 2nd ed. Tallinn : Perioodika, 1991. 78 p.
Location: SML, DK503.23 V3613 1991 (LC)

Estonian life stories / edited and translated by Tiina Kirss ; compiled by Rutt Hinrikus.  Budapest ; New York : Central European University Press, 2009. 539 p.
Location: SML, DK503.38 E4713X 2009 (LC)

Estonian textbook : grammar, exercises, conversation / by Juhan Tuldava ; translated into English & revised by Ain Haas. Published: Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University, Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 1994. 379 p.
Location: SML, PH610 T85X 1994 (LC)

Kalevipoeg : an ancient Estonian tale / compiled by Fr.R. Kreutzwald ; translation with notes and afterword by Jüri Kurman. Moorestown, N.J. : Symposia Press, 1982. 301 p.
Location: LSF- click "Place Requests" for delivery to any Yale library, PH665 K74 K3413 1982+ Oversize (LC)

The old Estonian folk religion. Translated by: Juta Kõvamees Kitching and H. Kõvamees.  Bloomington : Indiana University, [1971]. 237 p.
Location: SML, Yale Classification Call Number: Ft11 In24 108


The Baltic nations and Europe : Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in the twentieth century / John Hiden and Patrick Salmon. London ; New York : Longman, 1991. 224 p.
Location: SML, DK502.7 H54X 1 (LC)

A Case study of a Soviet Republic : the Estonian SSR / edited by Tönu Parming and Elmar Järvesoo ; foreword by Edward Allworth. Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press, 1978. 432 p.
Location: SML, DK511 E5 C3 (LC)

The collapse of liberal democracy and the rise of authoritarianism in Estonia / Tönu Parming. London ; Beverly Hills, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1975. 73 p.
Location: SML, Slavic & East European Reference, Room 406 (Non-Circ), DK511 E6 P37 (LC)
Location : SOCIAL SCIENCE (SSL), DK511 E6 P37 (LC)

Decollectivisation, destruction and disillusionment : a community study in southern Estonia / edited by Ilkka Alanen ... [et al.]. Aldershot, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2001. 438 p.
Location: LSF- click "Place Requests" for delivery to any Yale library, HD1995.8 Z9 K354X 2001 (LC)

Estonia : identity and independence / edited by Jean-Jacques Subrenat ; translated into English by David Cousins ... [et al.]. Amsterdam ; New York : Rodopi, 2004. 310 p.
Location: SML, DK503.66 .E786 2004 (LC)

Estonia : story of a nation. New York : Estonian House, 1974. 99 p.
Location: SML, DK511 E6 E83 1974 (LC)

Historical dictionary of Estonia / Toivo Miljan. Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2004. 558 p.
Location : SML, DK503.37 .M55 2004 (LC)

History of Estonia / Mati Laur ... [et al.]. Tallinn, Estonia : Avita, 2000. 335 p.
Location: SML, DK503.54 E36 2000 (LC)

Searching for a dignified compromise : the Estonian-Russian border, 1,000 years / Edgar Mattisen ; [translated by J. Karemäe]. Tallinn, Estonia : Pub. House ILO, 1996. 173 p.
Location: SML, DK503.69 R8 M38X 1996 (LC)

The white book : losses inflicted on the Estonian nation by occupation regimes, 1940-1991 / [authors, Jaak Kangilaski ... [et al.] ; editors, Vello Salo ... [et al.] ; translators, Mari Ets ... [et al.]]. [Tallinn] : Estonian Encyclopaedia Publishers, 2005. 175 p.
Location: SML, DK503.75 .W45X 2005 (LC)

Contemporary Estonia

Democratic politics or the implementation of inevitabilities?: Estonia’s democracy and integration into the European Union / Kristi Raik. Tartu : Tartu University Press, 2003. 277 p.
Location : SML, DK503.83 .R35 2003 (LC)

Estonia : future returned / Arnold Rüütel. Tallinn : Ilo, 2003. 230 p.
Location: SML, DK503.83 .R88 2003 (LC)

History, memory, and identity in post-Soviet Estonia : the end of a collective farm / Sigrid Rausing. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2004. 176 p.
Location: SML, HD1492.E7 R38X 2004 (LC)

Parties and democracy in the post-Soviet republics : the case of Estonia / David Arter.  Aldershot, Hants, England ; Brookfield, Vt., USA : Dartmouth, 1996. 283 p.
Location: SML, JN6615 A58 A78X 1996 (LC)

Return to the Western world : cultural and political perspectives on the Estonian post-Communist transition / edited by Marju Lauristin & Peeter Vihalemm with Karl Erik Rosengren & Lennart Weibull. Tartu, Estonia : Tartu University Press, 1997. 387 p.
Location: SML, DK503.82 R488 1997 (LC)


Estonian human development report. [Estonia] : UNDP.
http://bibpurl.oclc.org/web/5012 http://www.iiss.ee/nhdr/
Other editions available: Eesti inimarengu aruanne
Location: SML, HN539.7.A5 E88 (LC) Oversize

Estonian literary magazine : Elm. Tallinn, Estonia : Estonian Institute.
Location: SML, PH630 .E86 (LC)
Current issues in SML Periodical Room (Section X-13).